My Call Story (Or The Post I Thought I’d Published)

I’ve wrote this post in May and sat on it for a few days while I signed contracts, calmed down etc.

And then forgot to publish it!

I have signed with Limitless Publishing for the Soul Ties series, the first book is scheduled for release in August this year.

So how did this happen? Soul Ties is the second manuscript I’ve queried this year. Following a few rejections, I decided to shelve my other paranormal romance for revision and focus on Soul Ties. The response I got to the characters and story early on, from my writing group and CP, confirmed this was the way to go. And I loved what I’d created (especially Ava and Keir).

Once I decided to try and get Soul Ties a publisher, I entered a few pitching competitions (because you know I love those). I also sent to a couple of publishers who I thought my work suited, including Limitless Publishing. A few requested full manuscripts and I sent, sat back and waited for the rejections to roll in again.

I had my fingers crossed for Limitless Publishing because as soon as I saw their website, it was evident how much support they were giving their authors. The book covers and marketing jumped out at me and I hoped I’d be a fit for them. So I read through some of their authors’ books and waited hopefully…

Once they requested my full, the offer for the series followed quickly. What a start to my weekend!

This was a few weeks ago now but the excitement hasn’t worn off. I’m now working with my editor on polishing the manuscript and enjoying connecting with the Limitless team. I feel lucky to have the chance to share Soul Ties with you all and thank Limitless Publishing for the opportunity to join their group of talented authors.

I will keep you all updated every step of the way. And I’m writing the sequel right now :)


  1. June 5, 2013    

    Congratulations! I didn’t realise it was that recent! X

  2. June 5, 2013    

    Thank you!

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