Because of Lucy ~ Exclusive New Content

Only a few days until the new Because of Lucy is released. I’ve decided to share a small part of some of the new content. Exclusively on my blog!

So, what’s this new content I’ve written for the book? Well… I’ve worked on developing Ness and Evan’s relationship  so you’ll find more scenes with them as a couple. More Evan and more banter! You’ll see a little more of the student Evan too – and so does Ness.


Here’s a sneak peek at one of their conversations from one of the new scenes:

“See you later, Evan.” I step into the rain; I’d also rather get soaked than watch what happens next.

Evan catches up to me. “Where are you going?”


“Don’t you want this?” He holds out the mug. The rain trickles off his large hand and I meet his eyes.


“I’m waiting for you, you idiot.”

“Don’t call me an idiot.”

“You’re bloody funny. Can we not stand in the rain?” He indicates the sheltered building and my shoes fill with water as I follow him back through the puddles. “Here.”

“You drove out here to bring me coffee?” I take the warm cup in my damp hands.

“Yeah. That okay?”

“Why do that?”

“I went to your house to see you and Abby told me you were at work.”

“You could’ve left your number for me.”

“I could’ve, but I didn’t.” He steps closer and brushes rain from my face with cool fingers. “I wanted to see you.”

“Jesus, my head hurts enough.” The rain continues, and I sit on the nearby bench. My stomach fills with familiar butterflies as Evan sits next to me. “You’re a confusing guy.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about me.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Nicer than misogynist, anyway.”

I stare at my damp feet. What the hell is going on here?

“Don’t you like coffee?” He points at the cup. “Are you a tea drinker? Earl Grey or something fancy from a china cup?” I scowl at his teasing, but the friendly eyes and that smile pull me in. “I’ll bring tea next time, but I might spill it if you insist on the posh cup.”

I sip and shake my head. “Coffee is good. Thank you.”

“No problem.” We lapse into silence, and the rain hits the metal roof above us. The girls leaving work splash through the puddles, a couple of them throwing curious looks in our direction. “You busy tonight?”

What? “Um. Yes. No. Not really.”

“Is that a multiple choice quiz? Do I have to tick a box?”

“I’m a bit tired after last night.”

“You do look a bit—” He bites his lip. “Tired.”


“You couldn’t look crap, Ness. You look better when you smile, though.”

“Smooth, Evan.”

He stares across the car park and hitches his coat upwards, closer to his face. “No.”


“That’s your answer. No, you’re not busy tonight, and you’d love to see the smooth Evan Hyde who nobly braves inclement weather to bring you coffee.”

“‘Nobly braves inclement weather’? Very poetic.” I shiver, he’s right about the bloody awful weather.

Evan shrugs. “Okay, drives through the shithouse Northern winter.”

I smile and he pokes my cheek. “There it is. Come on, Ness. Let me take you out.”

“So you can kiss me and run away again?”

Evan  wrinkles his nose and shakes some of his damp fringe from his eyes. “How about if I promise not to run away this time?”

“How about you don’t presume I want to kiss you again?”