Fated Souls is Now Live!!

The latest release under my alter-ego LJ Swallow, Fated Souls is now LIVE and only 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.  

Fated Souls is a short prequel novella in the Soul Ties series.




Fated Souls is a SHORT PREQUEL NOVELLA in the Soul Ties series.

Those who live amongst the Fated are subject to control by the ruling Caelestia. The only chance to gain freedom is to serve as a soul hunter.

Ava is determined to leave her Fated childhood behind and create her own destiny. Seizing her chance to escape, she signs herself over to the Caelestia as a soul hunter. Her task: enter the human world, retrieve the required number of souls trapped in demons, and freedom is hers.

But Ava soon discovers this role isn’t as easy as she expected and that nobody told the whole truth about what soul hunter life entails–or the dangers she faces.

Daniel is an ex soul hunter in charge of training new recruits. Scarred by his years hunting demons, he’s ruthless in his treatment of Ava and the others. Ava is drawn to Daniel and his mysterious past, and others notice he takes a special interest in her. But what is his real agenda behind wanting to keep Ava alive?

Books in the Soul Ties New Adult Urban Fantasy Series
Soul Ties
Torn Souls
Fated Souls (prequel novella)

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Fated Souls (A Prequel Novella)

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Soul Ties Series

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Soul Ties (Soul Ties #1)




A Hunter. A Nephilim. A battle for souls. Can Ava kill the man she loves or will she risk eternity in Hell?

Soul-hunters sent to capture Nephilim souls never return but Ava has no choice. Bring Keir’s soul in return for her freedom–or die trying.

Ava has retrieved hundreds of souls from demons and this mission doesn’t worry her. But Keir isn’t what she expected. Half angel, half demon and a hell of a lot hotter than Ava’s usual targets, she’s tempted to get closer to him before she takes his soul — if he doesn’t kill her first.

As if battling a Nephilim isn’t enough, Ava faces another hurdle: getting past the strange human girl, Dahlia, who has an inexplicable hold on Keir.

The pair have secrets and when Ava uncovers the true fate of the souls she returns to her superiors her world is turned upside down. Ava finds herself in the middle of a war where the lines between good and evil are blurred and she only has two choices…

Betray Keir and live, or join his battle and risk going to hell.

A gripping urban fantasy series from Amazon bestselling author LJ Swallow.
This book is based on Soul Ties by Lisa Swallow published in 2013 but has been re-written from the main character’s point of view. There are minor changes to the plot and ending.


Torn Souls (Soul Ties #2)




Jack spends his life plugged into an imaginary online world he shares with his friends but his fantasy is about to turn into reality. His new girlfriend is better at killing demons than he is. Only the ones she kills are real and he’s not 100% sure she’s human.

Forced to leave home for the real world and college, Jack meets Dahlia the girl he’s sure he already knows but has never met. Soul-hunter Dahlia’s mission is to retrieve stolen souls from demons and return them to her superiors. The quietly spoken girl rarely draws attention and she keeps herself distant from the people she lives amongst. However, when she meets Jack, she can’t avoid her attraction to him, or explain the strange connection they share, and steps into the human world.

Drawn away from her life and into Jack’s, Dahlia makes a choice which ties her to his world forever. But leaving her old life behind isn’t as easy as Dahlia thought. When her past catches up with them, Dahlia and Jack are left facing a future they never imagined. 

 Torn Souls is the second book in the Soul Ties series and is Jack and Dahlia’s story. Some of the events overlap Soul Ties #1. This is a re-edited version of the 2013 book.

Ava and Keir’s story continues in Shattered Souls (coming soon)