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Name Your Demon – Box Set

NAME YOUR DEMON is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection
showcasing 15 first-in-series reads from New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors. Many of the works have never been seen in a boxed set before, and one written especially for the set!

It has something for everyone—mind readers, vampires, werewolves, soul hunters, angels, demons, sorcerers, Loki, witches, and oracles.

…Just name your demon.

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First Time Featured in a Box Set



Megan is a typical university student trying to figure out her place in the world, except instead of hoping to pass the bar or get into med school, she’s studying to become a licensed vengeance demon.

Nineteen-year-old Megan Aequitas is the only vengeance demon and trickster hybrid ever born. In a world where vengeance demons are respectable, rule-obsessed guardians of the Cosmic Balance, and tricksters are playful, happy-go-lucky perpetrators of chaos, being half and half is, well, tricky.

Determined to prove herself worthy of her vengeance blood, Megan enrolls in University of Demonic Studies’ prestigious co-op program. Wreaking karmic revenge on wrongdoers from cheaters to crooks sounds fun and simple, if it weren’t for the unsuspecting human roommate, Megan’s flamboyant trickster half-brothers, a changeling-raised fellow outcast, and a trio of evil wannabes. Then one assignment turns deadly when Megan discovers a plot to unleash an ancient force so authoritarian, most creatures would be deemed too unworthy to exist.

After a lifetime of being embarrassed by her trickster tendencies and striving to fit in vengeance society, Megan now has to learn to embrace both of her worlds if she wants to save them.

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“Megan, in our line of work, control is an art,” Enid began with quiet dignity. “Making the targets suffer just enough—”

I lifted my head. “I’m so sorry. I got a migraine and stepped out for just a mo—”

“—without scaring them to death.” Enid stared at me. “Or pushing them to commit suicide.”

I swallowed. “Suicide?”

Shit, what have I done? How could The Machine be dead? I left him for, like, five seconds.

Without another word, Enid led me into the bedroom—which was empty. She gestured towards the French doors and the balcony. “Twenty-two stories down. He landed on the concrete, poolside.”

I winced. I might not have cared for the cheating bastard’s lifestyle, but that didn’t mean I wanted him dead.

“You can reverse it, right?” I asked Enid urgently.

“Of course.” My mentor nodded towards the window. “I’ve already called Reapers ‘R’ Us to cancel the dispatch. But you get a mark of zero in this practice session.”

I wanted to kick something or cry. A mark of zero. After all the group practice sessions and hard work. It was demoralizing to screw up in such a disastrous manner.

Alright, chin up and do some damage control. You lost the battle, but not the war. Try saying something contrite and repenting. You can’t afford to fail this semester. Not if you want to move out of the dorm and get away from those dreadful girls.

“What does he get?” I heard myself ask. I couldn’t help it. I might not want The Machine dead, but the idea of him getting off scot-free, with no memory of his punishment, didn’t sit well with me, either. Maybe I just plain sucked at the whole detachment thing they valued in school.

“Something a little less…heavy.” I could’ve sworn there was just the tiniest curve at the corners of Enid’s mouth. In an instant, the facial expression made my usually austere mentor appear a decade younger.

“Like what?” Now I was intrigued.

“A period.”


About Louisa Lo

“Louisa Lo has an exciting new voice to bring to urban fantasy and a fun and breezy writing style that kept the pages quickly turning well into the night! I need more!” –Michelle Rowen, National Bestselling Author

Louisa Lo lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, an aristocratic cat, and more cardboard boxes than she cares to unpack. She decided to write about vigilantes, because it seems like a better life choice than trying to become one and landing herself in jail. She just has that kind of luck.

Please visit to learn more about Louisa and her books. 

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Full Box Set Includes: 


1.THE THOUGHT READERS by Dima Zales, New York Times Bestselling Author
2.VENGEANCE BE MINE by Louisa Lo, First Time Featured in a Box Set
3.SECRETS OF THE HOLLOWS by Nicole Morgan, Brand NEW Story
4.DISCERN by Andrea Pearson, First Time Featured in a Box Set
5.WINGS OF HOPE by Pippa DaCosta, First Time Featured in a Box Set
6.ANGEL VINDICATED by Viola Estrella, First Time Featured in a Box Set
7.TAKEN by Laxmi Hariharan, New York Times Bestselling Author
8.TUTORING THE WOLF by Jacqueline Sweet, USA Today Bestselling Author
9.WOLVES: I BRING THE FIRE PART 1 by C. Gockel, USA Today Bestselling Author
10.SOUL TIES by LJ Swallow, USA Today Bestselling Author
11.ROMANCING THE NULL by Tina Gower, Award-Winning Author
12.CRIMSON SHADOW: NOIR by Nathan Squiers, International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author
13.A TOUCH OF DARKNESS by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss, Award-Winning Authors
14.SEE YOU IN HELL by Demelza Carlton, International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author



A captivating fantasy by Dima Zales, New York Times Bestselling Author