Soul Ties Series

Soul Ties Keir Facebook banner textSoul Ties is an adult urban fantasy series re-releasing May and July 2016.

“Demons and angels, heaven and hell. They’re not what you think. And somewhere lost in the middle of it all are people like me.”

Nephilim, demons, angels and vampires live in a world where humans are losing their souls in the battle between heaven and hell. Set in a city in the UK, this series follows the story of Ava, Keir, Jack and Dahlia as they struggle to find their way in the world where the lines between good and evil aren’t clear. Tied by events that bring them together, these enemies must learn to trust each other to survive in the war intensifying around them.

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SoulTies.EbookSoul Ties (Soul Ties #1)

Soul-hunters sent to capture Nephilim souls never return and Ava has no choice. Bring his soul in return for her freedom – or die trying.

Ava has retrieved hundreds of souls from demons and this mission doesn’t worry her. But Keir isn’t what she expected. Half angel, half demon and a hell of a lot hotter than Ava’s usual targets, she’s tempted to seduce him before she takes his soul – if he doesn’t kill her first.

As if battling a Nephilim isn’t enough, Ava faces another hurdle: getting past the strange human girl, Dahlia, who has an inexplicable hold on Keir.

The pair have secrets and when Ava uncovers the true fate of the souls she returns to her superiors her world is turned upside down. Ava finds herself in the middle of a war where the lines between good and evil are blurred and she only has two choices… Betray Keir and live, or join his battle and risk going to hell. Release date: May 26th 2016

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TSEbook-AmazonTorn Souls (Soul Ties #2)

Jack spends his life plugged into a fantasy online world he shares with his friends. Now he face his hardest quest yet: leave home for college and live in the real world…

Jack’s fantasy crosses into reality when he discovers his new girlfriend is better at killing demons than he is. Only the ones she kills are real. And he’s not 100% sure she’s human.

Soul-hunter Dahlia’s role in the human world is to retrieve stolen souls from demons and return them to her superiors. Mixing with humans is an annoying necessity…  However, when she meets Jack, she can’t avoid her attraction to him, or explain the strange connection they share. She is drawn away from her world into Jack’s, and makes a choice which ties her to his world forever. But leaving her world behind isn’t as easy as Dahlia thought.

When her old life catches up with them, Dahlia and Jack are left facing a future they never imagined.

Torn Souls is the second book in the Soul Ties series and is the story of Jack and Dahlia. The book begins a year before Soul Ties and also covers some events in Soul Ties from Jack’s and Dahlia’s point of view.

The continuation of the Soul Ties story will be in Shattered Souls.long blue bar

 13329472_497564697113491_8275772485123423126_oFated Souls (Soul Ties #3)

Fated Souls is a short novella in the Soul Ties series.

Those who live amongst the Fated are subject to control by the ruling Caelestia. And the only way to escape from the Fated world is to become a soul-hunter.

Ava is one of the Fated and determined to leave her regimented life and, when she comes of age at eighteen, she seizes her chance and signs her life over to the Caelestia as a soul-hunter.

Her task: enter the human world, capture the required number of souls trapped in demons and freedom is hers.

But Ava soon discovers this role isn’t as easy as she expected and that she hasn’t been told the whole truth about what soul-hunter life entails – or the dangers she faces.

Daniel, the man in charge of training soul-hunters, is an enigma – and he takes a special interest in Ava. He sees a chance she can survive and offers to help Ava succeed. But what is his real reason behind wanting to help her? Follow Ava’s journey from the safety of the Fated to a life hunting demons. A life that changes her and leads to events in the rest of the Soul Ties series.

*Includes bonus chapter* – The beginning of Soul Ties told from Keir’s POV

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Shattered Souls (Soul Ties #4)

Continues the story of all characters from Soul Ties. Publication late 2016/early 2017.


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