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The Ups and Downs of Throwing My Writing to the World


Until last year, no-one had read a word of the fiction I’d written. Not since I was 15 anyway.

Since then I have sent my finished manuscript all over the world in attempts to get it noticed.

Obviously, there was a step in between where I wrote, edited, wrote, edited. And people read it. Critiqued it. Edited it. Beta read it.

I’ve had responses to Twitter pitches, requests for partial, requests for fulls and of course the rejections that go with it. I expect rejections. I didn’t feel like I was a “real” writer until I got one.

This week I have had three different types of rejections that have me wondering.

1. Thanks but no thanks. Keep us in mind for the future. No feedback.

2. Interesting idea, not for us and here are some links to places to help polish your manuscript further.

3. Not interested. And was that bit in the middle really necessary?

My responses were:

1. Another one with no feedback. Of course, the majority will be this. But that’s tough because how do I know what wasn’t right? What was good? Or was any of it?

2. At last! Some pointers in the right direction. The editor who sent me this rejection went above and beyond. She sent me the notes she’d made on my partial. She didn’t have to but she did. Despite the fact this was a rejection and it had a lot of negative comments…it was FANTASTIC!  I finally got to see some mistakes I was making I could change. I’m still overawed that somebody did this for me.

3. This has highlighted to me again the problem with where to “fit” my manuscript. I went straight to my beta readers and asked them what they thought. After a day of scratching my head I came to the conclusion that a NA romance doesn’t fit the Adult romance criteria the same. The bit in the middle? Her new adult world. The main focus of her struggle and development towards acceptance that allows her to react differently when the black moment hits. Cut it out and she’s a flat heroine running in circles whinging. My beta readers agree, one of whom is my target audience. TLDR: Not all stories fit all publishers.

And my steps towards learning from these things:

1. Well, keep submitting. If I’m getting asked for fulls something fits. I just need to grow my writing.

2. Found some wonderful, online editing software: Autocrit. I’ve edited some early chapters and sent to my CP who liked the changes so much she’s using it herself now. Throughly recommended to anyone editing their own work before handing it to others.

3. I’m pulling it apart. I’m re-writing. I’m restructuring. I have a better idea of the genres now than I did before I entered the crazy e-publishing social media melee. I know what works for the NA genre and what I need to add/cut to fit it more tightly. Which ironically means that middle part is no longer merely a middle part and becomes a bigger focus.

Not a very succinct post this time but I wanted to share. It’s been an odd week.

But I’m not giving up.

Publishers and Bush Fires


Crazy, crazy week.

And it’s been so long since I blogged!

My new project took over and I am now 30k words into my first draft of a new WIP. Originally it had the working title “Soul Tied”. A member of my writers group critiqued a chapter with some interesting comments and the working title is now “Nephiliman and Mouse Girl”. So far the feedback has been positive!

I had a full manuscript requested by a publisher on Sunday! Such a high for a couple of days…and a couple of days of two very good friends looking over for final edits before I was brave enough to send it. And they enjoyed it. A very validating week – I CAN write.

Looking forward to a peaceful day after that excitement, things didn’t work out. We were evacuated due to a bush fire and I spent an afternoon at a good friends house waiting to find out of my house was burning down.

Yes. Weird week. Everything crossed that I hear back from the publisher soon!


Inner Editor Hijacked


This has been me over the last few days. My brain has been on overdrive – I blame the editing I’ve been doing on my manuscript for Eternal Vigilance… “oh look, another plot hole – how should I fill it”, “sorry Colin, you’re gone *slash*”, “why did the MC cross the road?”

And to top it all a scenario appeared in that twilight between waking and sleeping that seems to have weedled its way out of my subconscious into Storyist. Normally characters approach me in the shower and I can get rid of them by reading the shampoo bottle labels (I put what in my hair?). But this time? Nope.

I blame the editing. I love the freedom of first draft writes…a bit of plotting, a bit of pantsing. A bit less of “omg if I that character raises an eyebrow one more time I’m going to shave it off” editing.

So I have given myself permission to do some writing and not edit every day.

Well, Ana pushed me into it…she’s going to be fun to write!

Welcome to my new blog


As if I don’t have enough to do, I have decided to start blogging too!

In between running a home-based business and looking after three children I somehow find time to write.

I took the plunge this year and completed NaNoWriMo (for the uninitiated that is writing a 50,ooo+ word novel in one month). It was the kickstart I needed and I am now editing my novel, determined to finish what I started.

So Eternal Vigilance, a YA paranormal romance is looking for a home. More on that to follow…

I’ve been spending a lot of time hopping around blogs and have found some fantastic resources, some of which I will share on here once I work out how.

Meanwhile, back to editing editing editing. When I have time.