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Update on Spotlight and an apology

This weekend, I decided to cancel the pre-order for Spotlight, the sequel to Unscripted.

Cancelling a pre-order is a big deal to myself and to Amazon. If this happens, Amazon cancels an author’s access to pre-orders for 12 months, and I break a promise to my readers to deliver a book on a date they expected.

I hope most of you will understand, although I’m sure a few will be disappointed.

Why did I cancel?

Those who’ve followed me over the last couple of years will have seen my constant complaining about ill health and life throwing up more obstacles than usual. To be honest, I’m sick of how this makes me sound!  This May something extremely difficult and life-changing happened which basically ground everything to a halt. I don’t really want to share what this is, although some closer to me know. It’s not life threatening for me or any family member, but does mean life is now complicated.

This situation led to two months paralysis with writing and I got far behind with writing Spotlight. I struggled with the book and didn’t feel I was giving Tate and Myf the book they deserved. I switched my focus to working on the marketing and admin side of my writing business and stopped the creative side.

I managed to return to writing early July, but every time I opened Spotlight I was reminded of the events that happened in my life the last time I worked on the book. I froze.

I decided I had two choices: write and publish something I wasn’t happy with just to meet the pre-order deadline, or cancel the publication until I’m able to complete the best book I can. I chose to cancel.

Some of you will also notice I have begun a new project and might question why I didn’t finish Spotlight first. I hope the explanation above makes sense. The Four Horsemen series is a project I’ve had on my ‘to write’ list for a while and I recently found a ‘place’ for it. I need to find something to throw myself into that’s totally different to usual for a few months. I can’t fully articulate why, but what I can say is the project has reinvigorated my love of writing. I’m excited about a project for the first time in months.

I will return to and finish Spotlight later this year and re-start the new rock star project.

My life will continue to undergo a lot of changes in the next few months, but I’m walking into the second half of 2017 feeling positive and ready to move forward. I am grateful for the friends who have – and continue to – support me. Thank you.

I will still be around and hope you stick around too!

Thank you for all your continued support and again I apologise for not delivering Spotlight on time. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Take care,

Lisa xx


Update August 2017
This is the project! Legacy reached #83 on Amazon US in the whole store!

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