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Blue Phoenix Series Updates (And More!)

I’m not a good blogger. My time management skills are under duress since the release of Summer Sky, the first Blue Phoenix book, and getting worse.

I’m very lucky to have found somebody to help me out with organising myself (I’m looking at you Lou from Seraphim Book Reviews) and after a chat to her I’ve decided an attempt at a “weekly summary” may be the way to go. Facebook hides everything, my newsletters are occasional (I don’t want to spam your inbox) and Twitter… well, continues to baffle me. So here we go…


june10explainedplace Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2) is due for release on June 10th. This is the conclusion of Dylan and Sky’s story from Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1). They will appear in future books but this one focuses on their relationship. A large part of this takes part in the Blue Phoenix world, so you will find events that have a big effect on other band members.

There is the possibility of an early release and a lower release price for the first day. I’m still firming this up but newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear. Subscription link at the bottom of the post!

I’ve also started working on Rising (Blue Phoenix #3) which is Jem’s book and (strangely) the Christmas novella which I can’t say much about until Falling Sky is released!

I also want to say I am overwhelmed by the response to Summer Sky. As this was my first “indie published” book everything was down to me but I loved the control I had. This was a risk but the support of my family in pursuing this dream made things easier. I’m incredibly happy (understatement) that so many people loved Dylan and Sky’s story (especially those who fell in love with Dylan…mine! hands off!!) I’m even happier to be able to write the rest of the Blue Phoenix guys’ stories! So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has bought, read and loved Summer Sky.


rosetext2titleI also write paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. Last year, I wrote the majority of a book titled Between. I’ve decided to finish and publish this book and hope to release in August this year. You won’t find your typical set of paranormal characters in this book… I always like to surprise! This book is a mash-up of several genres – paranormal romance, gothic horror, new adult and will span into a series. Heck, if I’m going to build a new and complicated world outside of the paranormal ‘norm’, I need more than one book out of it! So, think Being Human, Supernatural etc with some intense relationships thrown in. It will keep you guessing!



I’ve also set up a street team. A what?? some of you might ask! Check out this link and if you’d like to join in I’d be honoured to have your help! Some lovely ladies already help spread the word about my books and every day I’m amazed at the support I have.


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