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Ruby – Lead singer

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Will Campbell –Bass guitar


Jem was responsible for forming Blue Phoenix with his best friend, Dylan when they were fourteen. They recruited the other band members from their circle of ‘metal head’ friends at school. Citing Slash as his big influence, Jem’s technically brilliant, heavyweight and now legendary solos prove music is his heart and soul. Jem is credited for driving the band by organising gigs and sending out demos until they found a manager, Steve Bennett, and fame.His personal life is a media dream – he’s had several stints in rehab and continues his dubious lifestyle and string of famous girlfriends. Since leaving rehab earlier this year, Jem began managing a new band, Ruby Riot, who look set to support Blue Phoenix on tour later this year. There’s rumours whether the band only got the gig because of Jem’s involvement with Ruby, the lead singer. This is something he denies.

Nate Campbell – Drums

liamBass player Liam prefers to stay out of the public eye and despite sharing the band’s early wild ride, he hasn’t had the same level of public scrutiny as the two power-heads of Blue Phoenix, Jem and Dylan. Musically, Liam has been compared to Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, someone he says influenced his choice of instrument as a teen. Despite avoiding the cliche lifestyle,he disappointed thousands of fans worldwide and became engaged to the aspiring actress, Honey Wilson. The world eagerly awaited the first Blue Phoenix wedding, but an infidelity and a Christmas trip home to Wales to lick his wounds saw Liam’s life take a different direction with a girl from his past. He’s a fiercely loyal and passionate man who has a surprisingly assertive side hidden beneath his gentle nature.

Jax Lewis – Lead Guitar?

As the drummer, Bryn isn’t at the forefront of the band but his presence is as imposing as his frame. He can be heard on backing vocals on a number of tracks.Bryn acts as a mediator in the band, especially between Jem and Dylan who are well-known for their differences, artistic and personal. Bryn’s cautious nature could have cost Blue Phoenix the chance to rise – he almost persuaded the band to get off the touring circuit and into university. This level headedness has continued through the band’s career. Bryn was the only member never embroiled in any scandals although he was recently linked to heiress Mia Jordan. He’s also been spotted publicly kissing an unknown girl. Bryn hit the headlines recently when a hidden secret was revealed shocking everybody who knows him. Just how many girls does Bryn have in his life?

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