Publishers and Bush Fires


Crazy, crazy week.

And it’s been so long since I blogged!

My new project took over and I am now 30k words into my first draft of a new WIP. Originally it had the working title “Soul Tied”. A member of my writers group critiqued a chapter with some interesting comments and the working title is now “Nephiliman and Mouse Girl”. So far the feedback has been positive!

I had a full manuscript requested by a publisher on Sunday! Such a high for a couple of days…and a couple of days of two very good friends looking over for final edits before I was brave enough to send it. And they enjoyed it. A very validating week – I CAN write.

Looking forward to a peaceful day after that excitement, things didn’t work out. We were evacuated due to a bush fire and I spent an afternoon at a good friends house waiting to find out of my house was burning down.

Yes. Weird week. Everything crossed that I hear back from the publisher soon!


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