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Oh, how I’ve been longing for a northern hemisphere ‘white Christmas’… kids playing in the snow making snowmen, the sound of a crackling fire in the background, a freshly cut Christmas tree, and the aromas of cinnamon and a roasting turkey in the oven… the romance of a white Christmas for me is palpable.

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is quite a different affair. For me, Christmas goes a little something like this… Kids are busy outside splashing and playing in the pool begging to be allowed to make the short walk to the beach, the air-conditioning is pumping, and the aroma of sunblock, Aeroguard (insect repellent) and a barbeque fill the air.

I love Christmas. I love the beach. And, I love that our Christmas celebrations are so vividly different to our northern hemisphere counterparts. But, it got me thinking… do those in the northern hemisphere long for a laid-back Aussie Christmas as well? Do they dream of sunbathing on the beach with mid-30-degree temperatures, throwing back a cold beer rather than a warm eggnog, stripping down to their swimmers rather than wrapping on a scarf…?

So what better way to celebrate the Australian Christmas spirit than to write about it!


Rescued: A Festive Novella
J’aimee Brooker

Two gorgeous girls
A knight in shining speedos
One red-hot Australian Christmas!

Set against the glorious backdrop of Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach comes the story of childhood friends Anya Thompson and Sophie Anders and their brush with one of Bondi’s finest—lifeguard Jack Covey.

As a lifeguard, Jack’s instincts are finely tuned. He’s spent his career watching for danger and avoiding distractions but when the gorgeous Anya Thompson catches his eye, he can’t help but be intrigued by Anya and her modest and reserved manner.

Anya’s lost more than her Christmas cheer, but will one steamy night with her best friend and the deliciously handsome Jack be just the thing to restart her shattered heart?

Whether you’re craving a good ol’ red-hot Aussie Christmas story or you want a story that’ll melt the snow and get you hot and bothered, Rescued is for you.

“He’s gorgeous” Sophie purred from behind her glasses, “don’t you think Anya?”

“Ah, yep, I guess so…”

“You guess so? Anya Thompson, you have to be kidding me—look at him, he is the ultimate specimen of man! Ooh, and look at the guy next to him… my gosh I’m glad we made this move! What I wouldn’t do to have them both at my beck and call…” she trailed off.

“Oh Soph, seriously, too much information” Anya sighed, rolling over to rest on her stomach giving her back a much needed slathering of the intensely warm sun rays but throwing a quick glance over her shoulder at the two lifeguards all the same. They were hot, but then again that was hardly a surprise, she hadn’t seen any that where less than Adonis-like since moving to Sydney.

“Right. Like you’ve never had a lifeguard fantasy Miss Goody-Two-Shoes?” she replied mockingly.  “Oh, gosh, Anya they’re looking over here” she whispered before stilling completely.

“Big deal, some hot lifeguards are checking out girls on the beach. Now tell me something that should surprise me, Soph?”

“Oh, that’s nice don’t ya think Jack—this one thinks we’re hot” came a strong male voice from above her sending her into a frenzied scramble to kneel and cover herself.

FIVE STAR reviews for Rescued: A Festive Novella

Very nice story by bookworm_722

This was a really nice story about how the character overcame a really sad incident in her life thanks to the care and compassion of her best friend and a new boyfriend. Often romance novels seem to skirt around how and why falling in love can happen so quickly but I didn’t feel that this was the case with this book — the author gave a lot of information and details that really helped to make the storyline believable. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

Like the cover says: a red-hot Aussie Christmas story! by _love_to_read_

I could hardly pass by this book with a hot man’s backside on the cover, so I downloaded my copy hoping it would live up to it’s description and, oh boy, it did! Bit easy on the Christmas side of things, so you could probably read this anytime of the year. Love the lifeguards, love the beach, love the book!

Whoa.. loved this fresh take on Christmas romance by BookMumOZ

Ok, so what’s not to love… Bondi beach, hot lifeguards, and the added bonus of a very hot threesome… Loved the characters especially the hero Jack!

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