Where did the books go?

A couple of readers have contacted me about my early books disappearing and I decided to write a post to explain what’s happening with two of my series:

Butterfly Days: Because of Lucy and Finding Evan (New Adult contemporary romance)

Soul Ties: Soul Ties and Torn Souls (Paranormal romance)

Through mutual agreement with my publisher, the rights to these books have been reverted to be. This means they are currently unavailable for sale as I am in the process of re-branding and revising the books. Both series will re-launch in 2016.


Because of Lucy and Finding Evan will be re-released first in early 2016.

I am adding additional scenes to Because of Lucy. At some point, I intend to write a novella set a few years in Ness and Evan’s future.

I also intend to write Ollie’s story (probably in 2017)

For more details about the series click here


The Soul Ties series will take longer as I have a prequel to edit and publish too.

I am also considering finishing Soul Ties #3 before I re-launch. This means I have 3 – possibly 4 – books to organise which will take more time.

For more details about the series click here


What does this mean for my other books?
I am keeping my commitment to writing Forever Sky (Blue Phoenix #6). 

I still intend to publish this in March/April as promised and Forever Sky is the book I am working on at the moment. In Australia, it is currently the long school holidays and I need to switch from full-time to part time writing which is why I can’t give a firm date. I’m hoping for March but it could be April. :)

The Butterfly Days series will publish next after Shuffle but this is only because the series is already written and ready to go, and NOT because I put them ahead of Forever Sky.

As soon as I have a clear date for the release of Forever Sky I will let you know and the book will go up for pre-order on Amazon.

Nate’s book, Reprise (Ruby Riot #3), will be released the second half of 2016.


I will write a full post at the end of the year outlining my publishing plans for 2016 :)

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If you have any questions or comments please let me know, I’m always happy when I hear from readers.

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