Forever Sky is now serialising on Wattpad

Wattpad promo 1 copyThis year has been one of ups and downs in my personal life and my writing schedule is a big mess. Every week I receive messages about Forever Sky asking when I plan to publish. I’m worried about giving an answer because I don’t want to disappoint people if I change the date – but feel bad that so many people are waiting and waiting.

So, I came up with a solution:
I am going to serialise Forever Sky on Wattpad, starting April 2nd.

What does this mean? 
Forever Sky is partially written already. Each week, I will add a scene to the book on Wattpad of around 1000 words (sometimes more, sometimes less). This will continue until the book is finished and I will take the Wattpad version down when Forever Sky is published.
As this is an ‘as is’, unedited version there will be some error and later changes but it means those waiting can follow Sky and Dylan’s journey sooner.

What is Wattpad? How do I join?
Anybody can join and read the stories that authors post – there are a huge number of genres and authors on the site, both new and established.
You can sign up here:
Follow me here:
And Forever Sky is here:

As soon as I’m able to, I will also put the entire book up for pre-order on Amazon.

I hope some of you will be happy with this news and follow the story. Any questions please let me know.