Cover Reveal – End Game: A Gamer Romance

Introducing End Game, a romantic comedy about two gamers who meet in a virtual online world, and whose relationship crosses into real life.

Last year, I polled readers with a list of book projects I had lined up. One which received a lot of readers votes was End Game. Now Unscripted is released, I’ve finished End Game and have a release date! I’ve also included a short excerpt… see below.


END GAME: A Gamer Romance

Release date: June 19th


EndGame3If you think geek heroes can’t be hot, think again…

He’s my knight in shining armour, but not the romantic kind a girl dreams about. This one invaded my online world and threw everything into chaos.

My sorcerer can kick his ass in the game, but real life kicks mine. Gaining experience points online is easier than in reality, and when I play, I know where my quests lead. In the real world, the storylines confuse me, and I don’t know which direction I’m heading in.

In the game, I’m in control.

Or I was until he arrived.

This guy never shares anything about himself, and I only know him as ‘Thorsday’. My Aussie gaming nemesis can’t be a blond haired, blue-eyed god in reality.

Can he?

There’s something about this enigmatic man that intrigues me, and the more we play together, the bigger my desire to meet him. And I know he feels the same.

The problem is, if I allow my game world to merge with reality, I could die standing in the fire.

Romance meets LitRPG in this steamy romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lisa Swallow.



Evie and Aaron first meet in real life when they’re cosplaying:

I stare at the artwork prints on the wall behind the stall, and the artwork folio in front of me. There’s an ethereal style to the watercolour fantasy creatures, and a strange innocence in the human faces in fantasy worlds. Sucking on my liquorice, I weigh up between buying unicorn artwork or the badge.

“There’re some amazing images here.” I turn to the voice; Aaron smiles at the girl sitting behind the desk, who’s drawing outlines of a new work. She looks up and her reaction mirrored mine earlier. God like man talking to her. Complimenting.

“Thanks.” Pink, matching the unicorn badge currently stabbing my palm, spreads across her cheeks.

He smiles and turns to the folio of work in front of him, as I stand, green liquorice gluing my teeth together.

“Candy and unicorns, huh?” he asks, not looking up. “I learn more about you everyday.”

I proffer the bag and he shakes his head. “Not a candy fan.”

At least my full mouth excuses my inability to respond.

“You missed the end of the cosplay competition.”

I swallow. “Who won?”

“Not sure. I missed it too.”

Aaron turns to me and takes the badge from my hands. His warm, soft fingers set an electric charge I swear matches the thunderbolts Sinestre used on Thorsday when we duelled. The touch jolted my heart because it’s beating a hell of a lot quicker than before.

No, please. I don’t need this.

“Sinestre, the pink unicorn girl. That doesn’t add up.” He turns the badge over in his broad palm. “Not very kickass.”

I pull the liquorice between my teeth and it snaps. His eyes focus on my lips, as I lick the escaping part into my mouth, and they darken.

No. Double no. “I like unicorns.”

Way to sound twelve years old…

I pay, and the stall holder tucks the badge into a paper bag. She watches Aaron as I attempt to ignore the fact his large frame overshadows everything right now.

“Why did you miss the end of the competition?” I ask and step to the next stall. Jewellery, the cogs and clock faces intricately set into bronze settings on long chains. Black and gold letters above the guy in a top hat and a cog-like monocle.

Steampunk. Not my thing. I sidestep to the next stall.

“I wanted to find you.”

The paper bag creases as I grip it tightly. What the hell? “I told everyone I was going to the bathroom.”

“But you’re not in the bathroom anymore.”

“Astute. Why look for me?” His intimidating effect on my senses needs dealing with as I focus on his eyes, searching for any hints something lies beneath—which I’m a hundred percent sure does.

“I wanted to take a photo with the guild before we all go our separate ways; I think Erin and Cole are leaving soon, so we need you to come back to the group.”

“Aren’t you coming to the party?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Aaron crosses his arms over his chest which is no mean feat considering how much extra the armour adds to his body.

“You should. Tyler will be upset if you don’t. I swear he’s hero-worshipping you.”

The smile reappears. “You mean he wants to be me when he grows up?”

“How old are you?” I blurt.

“You want to start with the personal questions now?”

“Your age is hardly a big thing. Or is it? You don’t have to tell me.”

Aaron sighs and gestures towards a quieter corner. He rests against the wall, voices echoing around us still, but somehow locked in our own space.

“The thing is, Evie, I could tell you anything and it could be a lie. I could catfish you all.”

“You’re Tyler’s cousin’s friend. His cousin must know you.”

“Not really. We’re from the same guild—well, we were—I’d never met him in person either. He knows nothing about me.”

“Apart from what you share in game?”


I smooth my robe with perspiring palms. “Tell me one true thing about yourself, then. And one lie.”

He rubs his long fingers across his mouth, those gorgeous blue eyes drawing me into trusting him. I’m such a sucker for men’s eyes and look where I usually end up – their bed. “And I don’t have to tell you which is a lie?”

“No. As long as one is true.”

“Hmm. I was arrested once, and I’ve never been in love,” he says.

“Wow, okay, I didn’t expect things that personal.”

“Go hard or go home, you know me.”


“Your turn.”

I run my tongue along my bottom lip. “I never said I’d…” I sigh. “Okay, but it’s not fair because you can ask Tyler.”

“There has to be things he doesn’t know about you, Evie.”

I clear my throat. “I cheated in my Year 12 finals, and my first kiss was a girl.”

Aaron splutters out a laugh. “I’m not sure I want either of those to be true.”

“I guess you’ll never know.” I stand, relieved we’re talking the way we do online, but mind blown by the conversation. Sure, we have these strange chats in game, but face to face? Weird. Does he read me? “Why aren’t you coming to the party? Scared you’ll get drunk and reveal too much of yourself?”

“Ah. I don’t know. Maybe I will come. I wasn’t planning to, but you’re tempting.”


“The guild. Spending some reality with you all.”

My spirits drop. But did I really want to tempt him? And I don’t care what he says, the glint in his eyes is telling me temptation isn’t far.

“You can talk game at the party, no need to talk Aaron.”

He pulls himself from the wall and nods at me. “But if I want to talk to Evie, I’ll need to talk Aaron, won’t I?”


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Unscripted by Lisa Swallow: Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Details


A second chance Hollywood romance featuring Myf from the Blue Phoenix series

I woke this morning expecting to marry the man I loved and ended the day married to somebody else.

Unscripted Ebook

 Pre-Order Available NOW

Release Date May 9th

Jilted by her fiancé on their wedding day, actress Myf Roberts runs from the situation and takes an unscheduled trip to Vegas with rock band, Blue Phoenix.

The night wasn’t supposed to end with her married to Hollywood A-lister, Tate Daniels.

Why did it have to be Tate Daniels? The man Myf knew years ago hasn’t changed. He’s still the charming bad boy who leaves broken hearts in his wake. And Tate’s still the man Myf denies has an effect on her she’s never shaken.

Tate is no stranger to scandal and has been warned to keep his nose clean if he wants to keep his lucrative role in the newest network drama. Now he’s discovered his fake Vegas wedding isn’t so fake after all, and he has one huge problem to fix.

But Myf is the girl who filled Tate’s world six years ago. The one who got away. And this time she doesn’t get to call the shots.

When she’s cast as lead actress opposite her unwanted husband in his new show, Myf can’t refuse the career opportunity she’s waited for. But can Myf keep the sizzling chemistry between her and Tate onscreen? Or will she surrender and give her heart to the man she swore would never win?

And what happens when the world discovers the celebrity secret of the year?

A Hollywood, second chance romance from USA Today bestselling author, Lisa Swallow.


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Read on for an Excerpt


My fiancé lies on the floor, blood from his nose smearing his perfect white shirt. Dylan Morgan stands over him, fist ready to strike again and mouth twisted with anger. I haven’t seen Dylan with an expression like this since I caught him beating the hell out of a boy who broke my heart when I was sixteen.

“Dylan! What the hell did you do to Miles?” I yell as I charge over to grab Dylan’s hand. The best man, Rick, kneels besides Miles, face pale. “What happened?” I ask them.

“Uh.” Miles runs a hand through his usually carefully coiffed, and now dishevelled, hair. Not only is his white shirt smeared with his blood, but it’s untucked and partially unbuttoned. “Uh…”

Dylan growls beneath his rapid breath as Miles looks at me with desperate eyes. The small sunroom at the back of Dylan’s house isn’t where I expected to find three key members of the wedding party, half an hour before the ceremony. And I definitely didn’t expect one of my best friends to smack Miles in the face.

“Dylan?” I ask, panic growing. “What’s happening? Why did you hit him?”

Dylan and Miles have never disagreed. Not once, and that’s unusual for Dylan. Dylan’s protectiveness pisses me off because it’s usually unwarranted; I wish he had a bloody sister of his own so he didn’t need to project his brotherly needs onto me.

“Tell her!” he snarls at Miles. “Tell your bride what you did and who with.”

Miles glances at Rick who refuses to look at any of us and realisation crashes from the sky, pushing me heavily to the floor.

“Did he… have you… Who? Not a bridesmaid, Miles! You fucking cliché.”

“Try the best man,” Dylan retorts.

“Don’t be stupid, Dylan!” I snap back.

But who’s the stupid one here? The last couple of months, I’ve felt pushed out by the amount of time Miles spends with Rick. Rick turned up at our apartment one day, an old friend from drama school, and they talked all night. Literally. He’s a nice guy, moved in, helped out around the apartment and never caused any issues. Miles and Rick, the biggest bromance I’ve come across evidently stepped beyond a bromance.

Since the comedy show I had a minor recurring role in was cancelled, I’ve worked hard pursuing auditions, and extras work. Miles takes my absences in his stride; he understands my determination to succeed in the crazy industry, even though he gave up trying a year ago. He now works part-time in an art gallery, doing who-knows-what because he’s not an artist. We live on the money I made the last twelve months; not big bucks, but enough.

The wedding plans steamed along, and when Dylan offered his LA place as a venue, as a wedding present, the last piece of our relationship’s puzzle clicked into place.

Wrong. Now the last puzzle piece has been jammed in, and the picture isn’t what was on the box.

I was hours away from marrying a man who doesn’t love me enough to remain faithful. I don’t give a crap about who he did this with, or why — the cheating scum part is what matters here.

“Get out,” I growl.

Miles mutely looks between Dylan and me. My skin heats with anger; he can’t even open his mouth to apologise.

“Yeah, leave or I’ll really fucking hurt you,” snarls Dylan, stepping forward.

No further prompting is needed as Miles and Rick scramble from the floor. Miles edges around Dylan and reaches out to me. “Myf…”

I stare back at the mess standing above me, at the blood streaked across his face. Dilated pupils betray his fear—of my reaction or Dylan’s fists? Both?

How is this Miles? The man I thought I’d find waiting for me in the summer sunshine, who spent months persuading me to marry him. The person who in one frozen moment reminded me why I shouldn’t believe in happily ever afters.

“Go,” I repeat in a low voice.

The pair manage to pass Dylan and I’m relieved when the next sound is the door closing and not the crack of bone. I stare at my bright red shoes, my legs stretched in front of me as I support myself with arms behind on the floor.

I fan the 50s style wedding dress around me, smoothing the skirt. I adore the beautiful white dress, the red petticoats matching the bouquet on a table outside. My talented maid of honour and best friend, Audrey, spent hours making this, and now it’s wasted.


I need to find Audrey.

The Californian sun shines through the window, across the polished floor to the nearby white leather sofa. Did Dylan find the pair on there?

“Were they… I mean, when you found them?” I ask, not looking up.

“You don’t want to know.”

“I do, actually.”

“Miles was…” He trails off.

“What, Dylan? Just say it.”

“No. Shit, Myf, I’m sorry.”

Oh, crap, I’m going to puke. I hold a hand over my mouth and turn look into the startling blue eyes of the man convinced he’s defending my honour. All six foot and solid muscle of the ridiculously famous Dylan Morgan, the man pursued by the world. The one with swollen knuckles and a red face.

“Huh.” My stomach continues to twist, my head not catching up with events.

“Should’ve ripped his dick off when I saw them.”

“Please, Dylan. Don’t be stupid. I think you’re in enough trouble.”

“Ha. Miles can do what he likes and that had better include staying away from me. He can report me for assault. Whatever. I don’t give a shit.”

“I bet Sky will give a shit.”

His brow dips in concern. “She’ll understand.”

I look back to my skirts and glance at the sofa. Tears refuse to fall because this isn’t happening. Can’t be.

I pull my thick brown hair from it’s carefully pinned and teased updo, and the locks drop across my shoulders, still kinked from careful styling. Dylan sits beside me, and I rest my head against him as he wraps an arm across my shoulders.

“This sucks,” I say.

“Sucks? That’s an understatement.”

“What a bastard, hey?”

“How are you so calm?”

“I’m an actress, remember?”

“You don’t need to act around me.”

“I know.” But the calm layer sitting on top of the building storm of anger and heartbreak holds. Just.  “Miles can tell everybody what happened. I’m not going out there to face everybody. I’ll find something better to do with my day.”


“Get very, very drunk.” I stand and smooth my skirts. Yes. “Not here though. Not LA. Not this State. I’ll spend the rest of the day somewhere else.”

“Spend the day where?”

Escape plans run through my head. “Shush, I’m thinking.”

Dylan leans back, arms outstretched and palms on the floor. “Myf, you’re being weird. Can you cry, or shout, or something?”

I’m trapped inside a strange place, watching reality happening on the outside, dizzied and desperate to run. My voice rises. “Why? I’m not wasting my energy on him. And I don’t want to stay here to be humiliated, or listen to a parade of sympathy while people whisper behind my back! I have to find Audrey and get the hell away from here, Dylan.”

Dylan stands to face me and I tuck my shaking hands beneath my arms, terrified he might try to hug me. He can’t. I can’t break down. Not yet. Not now.

“Okay. Where do you want to go?” he says in a soft voice. “I’ll make sure you get there safely.”

An escaped tear touches my cheek and I swipe it away. “Vegas.”


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Cover Reveal: Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2) by S.D. Wasley

Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2)

by S.D. Wasley

Book Release Date: March 24, 2016


Fallout – The Incorruptibles 2. Cover design by Simply Defined Art

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Cover Revealed


Even when love seems unbreakable, it can still be battered, distorted damaged beyond repair.

There ís only one thing Frankie yearns for these days, and that ís to share the gift that makes Cain so extraordinary. But no matter how inferior she feels, she ís determined to help the man she loves with his secret rescues, hoping that one day she will access a higher power of her own.

The one thing she knows for sure is that nothing will ever come between her and Cain again.

Then a stranger arrives in their midst, disrupting the solid loyalties in Cain’s group. This man has the very thing Frankie needs to unlock her powers, but the price is higher than she could have dreamed.

Can Frankie and Cainís love survive the fallout?

Fallout is book 2 in the new adult paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles, by Amazon Bestselling author S.D. Wasley.

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Cover Reveal ~ Shuffle (Ruby Riot #2)





Today we are sharing the cover for SHUFFLE by Lisa Swallow. This is a contemporary romance title and the second book in the series Ruby Riot!

The book will be released January 28th and it is available for pre-order now, exclusively through Amazon.



Cover Designed by Najla Qamber Designs
Photo by Lindee Robinson Photography
Models: Ashley Patchak and Andy Glass



Will Campbell, Ruby Riot bassist, is back at university and failing badly at everything apart from partying.

With Ruby Riot on a break, Will returns to university to finish his degree. He needs major help if he wants to pass his final year and attempts to join a not-very-rock star study group. Will is horrified to discover the person organising the group is Fleur Roberts, the girl he’s secretly crushed on for two years and who recently threatened him with a restraining order.

Fleur’s rock stars are history academics. She has no interest in any variety of pierced, tattooed slacker, especially not the jackass rock star who humiliated her at a party. There’s no way in Hell that Will Campbell is joining her group.

Faced with losing the easiest way to fix his academic problems, Will has the perfect solution: pretend he’s his twin, Nate. Will and Nate have swapped identities before so nothing can go wrong. Surely.

Fleur is successful academically, but her love life is a failure. Following a number of disastrous dates, she finds herself falling in love with a guy who is lying to her. But Will’s deceit isn’t the only thing about to shatter her world. When another man Fleur trusted betrays her, and she attempts to retaliate, Fleur discovers how dangerous he is. And when Will becomes involved, the repercussions threaten both of their futures.

Shuffle is the second standalone book in the Ruby Riot series and can be read separately to the first book.


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Cover Reveal ~ The Ninth Hunter by Anna Hub

Cover Reveal Banner

The Ninth Hunter by Anna Hub

A standalone paranormal thriller

Release Date: January 12th 2016

The Ninth Hunter ebook cover.jpg

Cover Design by Amygdala Designs


These weren’t ghosts of the dead with unfinished business. They were something far more sinister.

Daniel Barrow is a ghost hunter bound to a life of misery; protecting the world from ghosts by killing their human hosts. He knows the rules: mark the targets, plot the crime scenes, and then murder those beyond saving. Daniel’s safe in his rituals—until he meets Faye Michaels.

Faye isn’t his average target and her ghosts threaten to destroy everything he has worked for. When his ritual goes wrong, Daniel must create an uneasy alliance with the woman he intended to kill. But the deeper they dig, the closer they get to a dangerous secret that will change their lives forever.

Daniel must make a choice: fulfil his duty, or turn his back on those he has come to trust. Can the truth lead him to salvation?



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Cover Reveal ~ Downfall by S.D. Wasley

Downfall- Customdesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreview

Downfall (The Incorruptibles†Book 1)

by S.D. Wasley

Release Date: January 7, 2016


From Amazon bestselling author S.D. Wasley comes her first work of (new) adult paranormal romance perfect for lovers of Lauren Kate’s Fallen and the Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series.

Frankie’s cousin wants her to do three things this year:

1. Lose her inhibitions
2. Do something spectacularly stupid
3. Fall madly in love

Travelling was Frankie’s life. As the daughter of a big-name evangelist, she’s been able to feed her hunger for new sights throughout most of her teenage years. Then a hushed-up scandal gets her thrown off the tour circuit and stuck at her uncle’s house in the town of Augur’s Well.

Forced to repeat her failed senior year, it looks like a dismal existence for Frankie until she ís invited to the bizarre meeting place of four mismatched people … and falls hard for the fascinating, secretive Cain Aleister.

Furtive meetings in an underground chamber … Latin words carved into a stone wall … intense desire … and a secret so elusive she’ll do almost anything to bust it open. Until now, Frankie never believed in grand passions but that’s not the only one of her beliefs about to implode right before her eyes.

Looks like Frankie is going to score three for three.

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Cover Reveal ~ Cadence by Lisa Swallow


Today we are sharing the cover for CADENCE by Lisa Swallow.

This is a contemporary romance title and the start of a brand new series, Ruby Riot! Be sure to check out the giveaway below. The book will be released November 5th.


Photo by Lindee Robinson Photography
Cover Designed by Najla Qamber Designs
Models: JJ Butts & Meagan Pacholski




Tegan Hughes joins Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot on tour, and drummer Bryn isn’t the only one who notices his little sister isn’t a kid anymore.

Jax Lewis is the guitarist for Ruby Riot and the band are rising to success. He’s hot property and loving every minute of his new found fame. Now, he’s on tour supporting Blue Phoenix and living his rock star life to the full. Until Tegan walks into his world and puts the brakes on.

Tegan Hughes is taking a year out and has her sights set on touring Europe with her big brother’s band. Blue Phoenix drummer, Bryn isn’t happy when his sister arrives unannounced at his hotel in Lisbon, but Tegan isn’t the type of person to take no as an answer.

With her big brother breathing down their necks, Jax and Tegan attempt to keep a handle on their growing attraction but that proves harder than they thought. Jax is used to getting whoever and whatever he wants and after kissing Tegan once, he knows one thing…he wants more.

The problem is, Tegan isn’t rock star girlfriend material. She has ambitions of her own and refuses to let anything stand in the way of her plans. But when Jax and Tegan’s relationship becomes public knowledge life becomes a hell of a lot more complicated.

Cadence is the first standalone book in a new rock romance series, Ruby Riot. The series is a spin-off from the Blue Phoenix books but you do not need to read the Blue Phoenix series first.



I stop at the sound of Jax’s voice and turn as he approaches. His face shines, and the salty scent of his damp skin digs further into the primal part of me aroused by this guy. We’re nowhere near as close as in the elevator earlier, but my nerve-endings tingle as if we were touching. Jax wipes his damp hair from his face and turns the smile to me he’s used many times before. This time it works, ramping up my heartbeat.
“Thanks for watching us,” he says.
“You were good.”
He grins. “I know.”
“Yeah, but it’s true. If I don’t believe in myself and the band to that degree, we won’t be as good as we are.”
“Now I believe what you’ve been telling me. You certainly are a rock star, Jaxon.”
He purses his lips. “Jaxon isn’t a rock star, Jax is.”
“Who’s Jaxon then?”
“A wannabe kid who’s not around any more.”
“I think I’d like him.”
Jax tugs his bottom lip between his teeth and looks at my mouth. “Do you like me, Tegan Hughes?”
A couple of guys head down the hallway towards us, talking into radios and I move to one side. Jax matches, blocking my way. Instead, I rest against the wall and put my feet out so he can’t move closer. Any nearer and I won’t be responsible for my actions.
“Big party tonight, huh?” I ask.
“Yeah. You didn’t answer my question.” His sapphire blue eyes search mine and I concentrate on hiding the reaction I’m having to him. I can’t blame my pink cheeks and breathlessness on dancing to Ruby Riot anymore.
“Do I get an invite?” I ask.
“To me or the party?”
I give a small smile. “The party. Why? What are you inviting me to do?”
“Anything you want.” His voice is low and despite my attempt at distance, his face is close to mine. Yesterday, I’d have scorned him for a comment like that, rolled my eyes at his moves but in a short space of time he flipped my brain to standby.
I don’t know how long we stand with faces centimetres apart, challenging each other to be the first to make a move in this power play. Each second that passes with Jax’s warm breath touching my mouth, darkened eyes holding me in place, and I’m a step closer to surrender. I moisten my lips, body buzzing with a need I don’t want.
“Five minutes!” yells a voice and I twist my head away, breaking the invisible thread pulling me to him.
The stage manager glances at us as he passes.
Jax touches my lip with his rough thumb and I jerk, caught off-guard. “I think you answered my question.” He steps back.
I dig my hands into the back pockets of my jeans in case he sees them shaking. “Don’t be so sure of yourself.”
The intensity in his eyes doesn’t drop and I match his look. Jax may have enchanted me with his brand of rock star, but I won’t make this easy for him. As soon as I walk away from the heated evening, I’ll regain some of my senses. Hopefully.
“This morning, in the elevator, I forgot to tell you something,” he says.
“Don’t play games with me, Tegan, because you’ll lose.”
Before I have a chance to respond, Jax moves away and I watch his swagger as he heads back to the noisy dressing room.
Oh, yeah? Game on.


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Cover Reveal ~ The Same Deep Water by Lisa Swallow


TITLE – The Same Deep Water
AUTHOR – Lisa Swallow
SERIES – Standalone
GENRE – New Adult
RELEASE DATE – 26th August 2015
COVER DESIGN – Najla Qamber Designs



Once, I wanted to die. That was the night I met Guy. 

The strange man with flowers stepped from the shadows and saved my life.

 Guy. Dimpled smile. Body of a surf god. Smart and funny. Running out of time. 

We became travelling companions through life, ticking off items on our bucket lists. I’d hidden from happiness for years and kept my life under strict control. Guy showed me how to step into the world and experience more. He brought light into the shadows and helped me through the darkness.

I became Phe again. I lived.

There’s just one problem.

We fell in love and this wasn’t part of our plans.

I thought we could face the future together, but Guy has a secret which changes everything.

Sometimes, believing the lies we tell ourselves is easier than dealing with the truth.

The Same Deep Water is a standalone New Adult romance set in Australia.







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Reverb (Blue Phoenix #5) Cover Reveal





COVER ARTIST:  Najla Qamber at Najla Qamber Designs

IMAGE:  Stock Photo



Blue Phoenix drummer, Bryn Hughes, prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight. But that’s proving difficult when he’s sharing his life with three very different girls:

Mia, the girl who doesn’t understand the word no.
Avery, who wishes she’d said yes.
And his forever girl.

Add to this a secret that threatens to take decisions about the future out of Bryn’s hands, and Bryn’s reputation as the uncomplicated band member is over.

The world of Blue Phoenix is changing and Bryn is on the edge. Following a failed attempt to win back the girl he loved and lost as a teen, a broken-hearted Bryn returns to England and discovers heiress, Mia Jordan, has moved herself into his apartment while he was away. Life just got hard.

When Avery spills soup on a rock star at a wedding and suggests he removes his trousers, she doesn’t expect to see Bryn Hughes again unless he’s carrying a law suit. So when Bryn gatecrashes an evening with her friends the following day, what he does stuns her.

Avery and Bryn begin an unlikely relationship but their growing closeness looks set to end. If Bryn’s heart still belongs to a different girl, and he’s about to tour with Blue Phoenix, a future together looks doubtful.

But when a secret explodes, the effects reverberate through every aspect of Bryn’s world and deciding where his heart belongs becomes the least of Bryn’s problems.

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“I can find plenty of girls to do whatever I want, but I want to do those things with you.” Bryn raises the eyebrow that accompanies any comment along these lines and my stomach tightens.

“Is that why you asked me out again, to see if I changed my mind?”

He sips his hot chocolate. “No. I mean yeah. Oh crap, stop confusing me.”

“Have you changed your mind, Bryn?”

“Nothing to change my mind about. I like you. I just warned you about me, that’s all.”

“And then kissed me.” I fix him with a steady gaze.

“You can tell a lot about how somebody feels if you kiss them.” Bryn returns my look and I refuse to back down even though my hormones go haywire at the promise held in his eyes.

“Was the kiss a test? ‘How to tell if Avery likes me’?” I ask.

A smile slowly curves across his lips. “I’m already sure you like me, cariad.”

“Don’t be so conceited!”

“Do you kiss every guy you meet like that? I’m shocked!”

“You kissed me!”

“And you kissed me back,” he says quietly. “Then you pinned me to the sofa. I was defenceless!”

I throw a chip at Bryn’s head, hoping to diffuse the tension he’s creating. “Stop it!”

Under the table, Bryn traps my leg between his, the strength of the muscled thigh holding me in place. “I want to keep seeing you while we’re both in London, then we can see what happens at the end of the two weeks. What do you think?”

What do I think? Two weeks isn’t enough with a man who empties my head of everything but us when I’m with him, and who still runs red-hot through my blood when he’s not around. Each minute with Bryn is one closer to losing him again, each kiss sealing my fate. I’m in over my head, and I’m going to get hurt.

I spoon a melted marshmallow from my mug and slip it into my mouth. Bryn watches, eyes darkening before he reaches across and wipes chocolate from my lips. The sensation of his rough skin against my mouth vibrates the sexual tension into every nerve fibre and when he licks the chocolate from his finger, eyes focused on mine, the world drops away from everything but us.

There is no mistaking this man’s intentions.

“I’m telling you right now, I will not have sex with you,” I blurt.

I sound like a broken record. Why do I have to keep telling him this? Because I’m telling myself at the same time?

He leans across the table. “Not even a little bit? I’ll make sure you enjoy it.” His curls tickle my face and I shift back because his mouth is dangerously close to mine and I won’t be able to keep my lips off him.

“Bryn! No! If that’s why you want to see me, you’re wasting your time.”

Bryn’s expression smugly says ‘I bet I’ll change your mind’. With a few more kisses like the one earlier, I’m pretty sure he will.

“Okay, cariad.”

“Don’t call me…” I huff. “Never mind. Can we talk about something else?”

Bryn looks around the restaurant as I force myself to keep eating, his natural ease around me not matched by the sick giddiness I slip into whenever I’m around him.

What is this we’re doing? And more importantly, can I spend time with a man who I can’t look at without remembering him semi-naked in a hotel room, and regret that I wasn’t?

I don’t know who’s confusing me more, myself or Bryn. One thing is certain; I am not going home with this man tonight.


(Lisa's Lounge)

Summer Star (Blue Phoenix #1.5) ~ Cover Reveal and Extract



Cover design: Najla Qamber Designs
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
Models: Chad Feyrer and Madison Wayne


Summer Star is a retelling of part one of Summer Sky from Dylan’s point of view

“I love the world we’re in, where you’ll always be my summer Sky. I could live here forever.”

Dylan Morgan has lived and breathed his life as lead singer of Blue Phoenix for eight years and now it’s suffocating him. On the verge of a breakdown, he cuts off his signature long-hair and walks away from the band.

Returning to a place from his childhood, Dylan’s life collides with Sky Davis, the girl who doesn’t know or care who he is. Usually girls fall at his feet in a star-struck heap, so Dylan is intrigued by and attracted to the girl who’d rather read about hot guys in books than succumb to his charms.

What follows is an unsuccessful battle to keep his rock star ego under control and his hands off Sky. The harder Sky fights her attraction to him, the harder Dylan tries to get her attention. But a girl like Sky needs more than a smouldering look and a bacon sandwich to win her over.

Dylan and Sky find themselves lost together in the fantasy of a holiday romance by the sea, but the reality of who Dylan is threatens to break the illusion at any moment.

Goodreads Link:


Extract: Dylan Meets Sky…
(pre-edit, subject to change ~ strong language warning)

My mobile phone rings again, whoever’s calling isn’t giving up any time soon. I scrabble around on the seat next to me, pushing my leather jacket on the floor as I retrieve my phone. I should’ve figured out how to work Bluetooth before I started driving my newest car any distance. Glancing between the road and the phone, I see Bryn’s name on the screen and ignore him.

The country lane I’m driving down is quieter than the main roads, a bit narrow for my large Audi, and the trip will take longer, but if there’s no other traffic I’ve less chance of someone spotting me.

The only other car on the road is a beaten up silver hatchback in front. I fucking hope the car leaves this road soon, it was bad enough when we were trundling behind a tractor but now she’s sticking to the pathetically low speed limit. I say ‘she’ because I doubt a guy would drive so slowly. Unless it is a ‘he’ and he’s some kind of pussy.

Still crawling along behind Miss Go-Slow, I give up and pick up the incessantly ringing phone.

“Dylan?” Bryn.


“Where the fuck are you?”

“I’m not saying.”

Bryn exhales loudly down the phone. “Jesus, Dylan. You can’t just fuck off and not tell anyone where.”

Distracted by Bryn’s words, I’m not alert enough to stop my car in time when the idiot in front of me decides to suddenly hit the brakes. My car smacks into the back of the hatchback, jerking me to reality. There’s nobody else around, nothing obstructing the road. What the hell?

“For fuck’s sake!” I yell. “Bryn, I have to go.”

I throw the phone on my seat and my arms into the air in a ‘what the fuck’ gesture to whoever’s car just ruined my paintwork. Just what I need…

A petite girl with dark blonde, wavy hair climbs out of the car and slams her door shut, fury in her stance as she stomps towards the car. Shit, shit, shit she’s bound to recognise me. I hesitate. I could drive away?

The girl gesticulates at me to lower the window, her blue eyes narrowed. Ah well, wait till she sees who I am, then she’ll calm down. I wave at her to stand back then I climb out of the car.

I check her out – I wonder if she realises the top button of her blue and white summer dress is undone or that I can see the top of her very nice pair of natural tits? I inspect the rest of her from behind my sunglasses and wait for the inevitable reaction to meeting Dylan Morgan.

She’s hot – in a pissed off way. Her anger puts pink in her pale cheeks and those curves… I’m sick of skinny chicks with fake boobs, and so rarely come face to face with one who isn’t. This is why I’m so fucking lost – I don’t see real people anymore.

Definitely not anyone like her.

I yank off my sunglasses, partly to see her more clearly and partly to give her more of a clue who I am. Yeah, I’m running and hiding from the world, but my ego always wins.

Nothing. No reaction to me at all. Okay, this is new. I don’t speak and inspect the front of my car instead, brushing the damage with my fingers. Flakes of silver paint stick to my hands. Great.

“It’s your fault if you ran up the back of me,” the girl says from behind. She has a local accent, one that reminds me of past summers in this part of England. A past I’m trying to escape to by coming back here; time away to switch off from the crazy shit in my current life.

And she’s wrong about the accident, this is not my fault. I straighten and turn back to her. “You stopped without any indication!”

“A dog ran out in front of me,” she snaps.

Is that an excuse? A bloody weird one. “What dog?”

“The dog’s not here now. I don’t think the dog realised it needed to be a material witness and ran off!” The girl narrows her eyes at me but her anger is doing nothing but amuse and attract me. She’s funny and has no clue who she’s dealing with. That open button at the top of her dress catches my eye again and, in response, the girl crosses her arms over her chest, the sexy pink on her cheeks flaring. An image of her naked in my bed jumps into my mind.

What the fuck do I do? She’s evidently not going to fall in a star struck heap at my feet and I don’t want to hang around in a country lane where other people could pass by and see me. What do people normally do when this kind of thing happens? I don’t know. What I do know is I need to leave.

“I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’m in a hurry. Forget the insurance, I’ll give you the money. How much do you think it’ll cost to fix your car?” I ask her

She blinks at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language. “I don’t know.”

I inspect the damage on her car and from where I’m standing, it’s difficult to tell if the state of the car is all due to the collision. “Not much, I think. It’s an old model. Was the paintwork that bad before I hit you?”

She pulls herself to full height, which isn’t very tall compared to my six feet plus, and fixes me with an even sourer look. “I’m not taking your money. Repairs might cost more than you have! If you give me your name and number, we can sort the insurance out the proper way.”

Ah. There we have it. I knew this wasn’t a co-incidence. Groupies go to stupid lengths to get my details and this is one of the more insane attempts. Try again, sweetheart. “Very fucking clever. Do you think I would?”

Momentarily her mouth parts in surprise, then she takes a deep breath before saying, “Swapping details is a strange and ancient custom which occurs when dickheads on mobile phones rear-end the car in front.”

What the fuck? Who is this woman? People don’t say shit like this to me. I’m not often lost for words but she managed to knock them out of me. I should be pissed off but she’s a breath of fresh air.

“I don’t give people my personal details.” I scrutinise her, attempting to see if there’s a facade for me to push down. Then I switch on Dylan Morgan, the rock star, who has the girls doing whatever he asks them to. I give the angry chick the look, the one that wins them over. I never have to try hard, she’ll be falling over her words soon enough.

“What makes you so special?” she snaps.

Whoa. Okay.

“Nothing, what makes you so special?” I smile slowly, lingering a look on her lips.

No discernible reaction. Hmm. Maybe cutting my hair was a bad move?

“Do I have to call the police?” she continues.

Fuck. “No. Wait. Okay.”

She wins. Besides, if the chick sees my name when I give my details and finally realises who I am, I might be able to sweet-talk my way out of this. I fucking hope so because I want to get out of here and into some peace. I turn back to my car.

A door slams behind as the girl gets back into her car. In surprise, I spin round. She revs the engine and the silver hatchback screeches away.

What a weird chick. I rest against my car and watch her disappear along the lane. In case she changes her mind, I wait in my car for a few minutes. Then realisation hits. I’m sitting in a car, in the middle of nowhere fantasising about getting my hands on the body of a girl whose life I just crashed into and will never see again. I should be getting the hell out of here to anonymity, relieved she never found out who I was.

But I’m not, I wanted to talk to her more. Not because she was an amusing girl with nice tits who would be a challenge, but because she didn’t know who I was.

If she’s a taste of how people treat the anonymous Dylan Morgan, I like it.

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