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Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2) Available Now!


Falling Sky has released early at a special price.

This will increase after the official release date of June 10th. Buy now and don’t miss out!



Sky’s world turned upside down when she met rock star Dylan Morgan, and exploded when she discovered his hidden past.

Four months after Sky learns Dylan’s devastating secret, she’s trying to piece her life back together. Without an explanation from Dylan, Sky has no choice but to try and forget him.

Dragged back into the life he ran from, Dylan continues to spiral downwards as he copes with his fame the only way he knows how. Shattered by the revelation Sky knows his darker past, he forces himself to return to England and explain.

Sky and Dylan reconnect, attempting to build on the shaky foundations of their summer. But the outside world continues to conspire against them.

Taking place in the epicentre of the Blue Phoenix world, Sky and Dylan’s story continues amongst the chaos surrounding the band and its members.

The Blue Phoenix books are a series of contemporary romance novels and novellas centred on the fictional rock band Blue Phoenix.


The Blue Phoenix Books:

Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1)

Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2)

(Book One and Book Two must be read in order)

Rising (Blue Phoenix #3) – Standalone available Fall 2014

Links for Summer Sky (US) (UK) (AU)

Falling Sky Update ~ Teaser Countdown Day 4: Chapter One

443b6-fallingsky-v12ebookFalling Sky, the second Blue Phoenix book and conclusion of Sky and Dylan’s story,  is due for release on June 10th. I’ve decided to share the first chapter as part of the Teaser Countdown. I hope all the Blue Phoenix series fans enjoy this taster of the book.






I miss him. 

Completely, overwhelmingly, illogically yearn for him. 

Dylan Morgan crashed into my life and when he walked away, he tore into my heart and took a part with him. Picking up the fragments and pushing them back together is hard when there’s a crucial piece missing. And after months of ignoring the emptiness caused by someone who never existed, the hole remains.

With Dylan, I fought my heart until love pushed out logic and I yielded to the truth buried deep inside. I gave in to the man who told me things I was afraid to hear because he spoke as if he’d listened to my heart.

In the days after he left, I tried to hold everything inside so nobody would know. The pain wrapped around my chest, leaving me aching and desperate to breathe. I couldn’t tell anybody because nobody knew. We never existed.

I wanted Dylan to be my man from the sea, who existed in the brightness of the dark summer after Grant. I allowed myself to believe he could be more than the cliché, but he was worse.

Dylan never gave me an answer about Lily’s claims he raped her, which screams guilt. Therefore, I have no option but to believe the man I met in Broadbeach doesn’t exist.

After a week, Tara dragged the truth from me and everything spilled out. The emotions exploded in front of my shocked friend, one who’d never seen me like this, even after I split with Grant.

But Grant wasn’t a part of me. We shared time but never each other. Not completely. As sixteen-year-olds, we met and trod the same road, side by side but never together. The idea of all-consuming passion didn’t fit my view of a stable, predictable life. Foolishly, I believed the kind of love I had with Grant was safer.

Now I’ve learnt there’s no safety in love.

I should leave Bristol and all the memories it holds but I can’t let go. My life has changed completely this year with the loss of everything stable in my world; I can’t face moving away from the security of the place I grew up. Not yet. I’m on temporary contracts still, a permanent job doesn’t appeal to me. I convince myself this is because I need time to decide what I want to do, but deep down I know I’m holding back from moving on.

I remember a conversation we had – how we’d help each other toward a new future. In the past few months, I’ve gone backwards and so has he. I’ve returned to safe and boring and he’s returned to the life suffocating him. Dylan’s touring the States, has been for four months. I’m disappointed he didn’t stand up for what he wanted, but then neither did I. 



I slump down in my seat, jet lag kicking in as the alcohol wears off. A seven-hour flight from the US and back to England for Christmas. I’m permanently dazed, the tour grind, alcohol, and the Blue Phoenix scene are a huge fucking blur. I toyed with the idea of bunkering down in my LA place for Christmas but I’m drawn back here. And I know why.

On the flight home, Sky pushes into my thoughts again. The savage ache for her returns and wraps around my insides until it fucking hurts. 

Sky let down her defences and I broke her mending heart. I walked away to save us more pain but didn’t realise how enmeshed we’d become. 

I didn’t leave; I ripped us apart.

I left for LA two days after Sky found out about Lily. The prospect of dealing with all the bullshit and lies surrounding the whole fucked up incident had me running away from the UK. I always fucking run and hide, take the coward’s way out. I told myself talking to Sky was a waste of time, whatever I’d told her she’d hate the man I really am.

Leaving things unanswered was a huge mistake. One I’ve come back to England to fix. 

I return to a winter when I left an English summer, hard ground to match my hardened heart. I’m not sure I can face the country estate and the inevitable invasion by the rest of the Blue Phoenix guys so I’m heading for the London place. My model and pretend girlfriend, Cressida, moved on and Myf and her partner, Miles, stay in the apartment while working in London.

Myf is someone else I haven’t seen for months, my old school friend and the band’s first groupie. She even sang backing vocals for us early on, until she got a place at London International School of Performing Arts and took a completely different direction. At least with Myf around I’ll have company. I don’t want to be around the rest of the guys, but I don’t want to be alone.

Can I fix this? What if I’m too late and Sky’s moved on?

I’m not sure I can face her, but if I’m in the same country, I have one less excuse to hide.



 Turning my back on Dylan is harder than I realise. I kid myself I’m not doing this deliberately, but I follow the media to see where Blue Phoenix is and what they’re doing, and looking at pictures of Dylan.

His hair is longer, curling and touching his ears. My Dylan has gone, if he ever existed, but the guy with the lost eyes looks like the man I knew and the image hurts my heart.

Grant attempted to get back together with me shortly after Dylan left and I kindly told him to go fuck himself. Since then, I’ve seen Grant with another girl so his need to be with me can’t be that great.

Tara continues to support me in ways I never thought she would. She calls me every day and catches up with me a few times a week, even though she’s in an intense relationship with her new guy, Tom. I don’t speak about Dylan or Grant much, but I often catch a look from her suggesting she doesn’t understand why I’m not over this, or moving on.

“Are you getting dessert?”asks Tara.

I blink out of my thoughts and pick up the laminated card menu. We’ve met for Sunday lunch at the local pub, a catch-up before the Christmas party season takes over Tara’s life. “Of course!”I smile.

A large plasma screen on the oak-panelled wall plays music tracks and Blue Phoenix appears with their latest track, ‘Slow Burn’. The papered-over hole in my chest is punched through as I watch and struggle to breathe. Four months and I react exactly the same. The clip has a classic black and white movie feel, a weird artistic interpretation that looks filmed in a small 1950s American town. Digitally cleaned up, Dylan looks more the star he is and less the mess from photos. 

Tara twists in her seat to check out what I’m watching and stiffens. She turns back. “How’s Ryan?”

 Lonely as the one member of my circle of friends without a partner or kids, I give up and date Ryan the accountant from the latest company where I work. He’s someone to take with me when we all go out, so I’m not the sad spinster in the corner. 

With Ryan, there’s no spark, no banter, just average, every day, and comfortable. Read: boring. We’ve been together a month and I already have itchy feet. 

“He’s okay,”I say.

Tara arches a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “Okay? By that do you mean his health or your interest in him?”


“He seems like a nice guy. Genuine.”

Yeah, not Dylan.

“He is a nice guy, just not for me, I think.” 

Tara leans forward. “Why? What’s he done?”

“I don’t think he gets me. He’s a bit…serious.” The video clip of Blue Phoenix won’t leave my attention and points to the real problem here.

“So are you, recently.”

“And I don’t like his dog.”

Tara chokes on her Diet Coke. “His dog is the deal breaker?”

Ryan has a border collie, Biscuit. Stupid name, stupid animal. Ryan likes to take us on long walks in the park, rain or shine or bloody cold winter weather, he doesn’t mind.

“The dog smells bad. And he keeps trying to jump on me.”I grimace.

“Tell Ryan to keep the dog under control then.”

“I’m talking about Ryan. They both jump on me and I’m not sure I want either of them to. Okay, so Ryan doesn’t smell of wet dog but…I don’t know. I’m thinking about finishing things.” 

 “Sky.”The exasperation in her voice is clear.

Again, Dylan catches my eye on the screen. He’s unbearably attractive in the black and white close ups. The full lips that were mine, the mouth that did incredible things to me. Why am I taking so long to get over Dylan, a guy I knew for less than three weeks?

Ryan’s athletic and reasonably attractive, but next to Dylan, there’s no comparison. I haven’t had sex with Ryan. Well, almost once, when I was very drunk, but I fell asleep before we got far. Good thing, because I’d have regretted taking that step in a relationship I’m not sure about. Besides, Dylan in my head when I’m in bed with another man isn’t fair. And that’s the big problem. Sex with Dylan has ruined any other man for me, not just due to his obvious skill, but the connection we had. 

The connection severed the moment I discovered he’d raped someone. 

Every time I see or hear the word, I’m dragged back to the moment in the cafe where Lily told me. Part of me can’t reconcile the man I fell in love with to a man who assaults women. Is this a gut feeling or wishful thinking? I’m not sure. 

His half-hearted denial on the phone the day I found out didn’t make sense. The stilted conversation we had a few days later was weird. He denied the rape but said he understood why I didn’t want to see him again. And that was the last we spoke. I wanted to see him, but I knew if I did, he’d drag me into his Dylan orbit and I’d be confused by lies. The ease with which he backed off, when after Broadbeach he pursued me so hard, implies guilt as far as I was concerned. 

But on the cusp of asking Dylan to see me again, to explain, he left for the States and I never heard any more from him. 

He forgot about me, as I always said he would.

I never saw Lily again, or any of the rest of the Blue Phoenix entourage. Swept under the carpet, and hidden from the public eye, there wasn’t anything to cover up. Dylan and I hadn’t gone public so everything tied up nicely and life went on.

But through the anger toward Dylan is concern, which confuses the hell out of me. I remember the Dylan from the sea who desperately struggled to get away from the life that has a firm grip on him now. The pictures of him in the media show the trapped Dylan I met in the country lane, but magnified. He looks ill. Conflicted over caring about a rapist, I push the Dylan I thought belonged to me out of my mind. What’s the use of obsessing about who and what never really was?

“So for Christmas, what are you doing?”asks Tara when she returns from ordering our desserts.

I drag my gaze from Dylan to her. “I’m not sure; I might go to Spain to visit Mum.” 

I plan to spend Christmas alone, and don’t want a pity party where Tara feels the need to drag me to her family Christmas. She thinks I can’t possibly want to be alone at Christmas and drops hints about me going with her every time we meet. Okay, I don’t want to be alone, but that’s beside the point.

“You booked tickets yet? Christmas is only a couple of weeks away.”

“I might drive,”I lie.

Tara eyes me doubtfully. “Well, you’re welcome to join Tom and me if you like?”

“I’m okay, Tara, but thanks for asking.”

Tara wrinkles her nose and the concerned look reappears. I shift my gaze to my drink.

“I’m worried about you being on your own at Christmas,”she says quietly.

“I said I was going to Spain!”

“You said maybe, and I don’t believe you.”

“I’m not worried about Christmas, Tara. At least I don’t have to spend another Christmas with Grant’s parents and extended family listening to them fighting and getting drunk, I can do my own thing.”


“Alone. So stop making me feel like there’s something wrong with that!”

She rubs her forehead. “I worry about you, you don’t seem to be…right, still.”

I reach across the table and close my hand over hers. “I’m fine. Honestly.”

“Well, me and Tom leave on the 13th; if you change your mind, let me know.”

“Thank you.”

I look back to the plasma screen behind, hoping Blue Phoenix is still up there. They’ve gone.



I groan as I open the door to the flat. Tinsel hangs from every available place, covering the walls. A huge-ass Christmas tree sits in front of the panoramic window, blocking the view of the Mayfair skyline. I fucking hate Christmas; shit always happens in my life – Dad leaving, Mum’s death.

 The aromatic smell of curry fills the air. Myf springs out from the kitchen and wraps her tiny figure around me.

“Dylan! Welcome home! I’m cooking and Miles is going to be late home, want something?”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

She touches my face. “You look like shit, Dylan.”

I stare back into her chocolate brown eyes. She never ages. She’s never cut her long dark brown hair, and still wears it in the same style as at school. Or maybe because my lifestyle aged me so much, she looks younger to me. “Thanks, Myfanwy. Nice of you to say.”

She scowls at me using her full name. “Want to wear your dinner?”

I’m too tired for banter, and her smart mouth reminds me of Sky. Sky, who hasn’t left my head or heart in four months and probably never will. Landing back on English soil has magnified my awareness of the part missing from my soul, and edged me toward contacting her again.

“I’m going to shower,”I say and her face pulls into concern. I haul my bag into the bedroom before she can say anything else.

Half an hour later, freshly showered in clean jeans and shirt but not feeling any less zombie-like, I head barefoot into my flat. The smell of spices whets an appetite I didn’t think I still had. There are two plates on the table and a bottle of water. I pass Myf in the kitchen and pull a bottle of red wine from the rack in the corner. Then I remember Sky likes red wine and put the bottle back. I wander into the dining area and pull a bottle of whisky out of the huge black cabinet, tipping myself a generous glass.

“I’ll get my own drink, should I?”Myf asks, placing the bowls on the long, glass table taking up the majority of the room.

“Oh. Sorry.” I look around for a second glass.

“You’re always a self-centred bastard when you come back off tour.”

Smirking at her admonishment, it strikes me again how similar Myf and Sky are in personality. Was that the attraction when I first met Sky? That she reminded me of my best friend from my teen years? I never wanted anything more than friendship with Myf; despite a brief teen hook-up, we’ve stayed firm friends. She’s made a good job of keeping me in my place over the years, but in a different way to Steve. She kept in my mind where I came from by being the girl from that past.

We eat and Myf chats about her latest role; she’s singing in a West End show and has the opportunity to head to Broadway next month. Her relationship with Miles appears serious, which is great. I’ve unwittingly scared off a few of her past guys that I haven’t liked, but I approve of him. Myf doesn’t agree with me vetting her prospective partners and I often get a mouthful if I interfere.

“You never told me what happened?”she asks cautiously after we finish the meal.

“When?”Like I don’t know what she means.

“I never got to meet Sky; you guys imploded before I did, and then you ran off to America.”

I turn my head toward the darkened skyline, the orange glow of the city illuminating buildings like a panoramic painting. “I was touring, I had to go.”

Myf pushes a strand of her long, dark hair from her face. “Those few weeks, you never explained what was happening. I only saw the two of you at the party that night Sky was there, and you were cut up then. What happened?”

Am I ready to open the gate I’ve trapped all the emotion behind? I take Myf’s plate and stack it on mine.

“It’s over with, Myf.”

“I hope you’re not going to disappear again? You scared the hell out of us!”

“I don’t know. I’m living day to day.”She’s pushing at the gate; I knew she would. I’ve skirted around answers to the questions in her demanding emails, but there’s no hiding anything from Myf now we’re face to face.

As I carry the plates to the kitchen, Myf follows me. “Are you on medication?”

I freeze. “What?”

“You left some in the bathroom…” 

“What the fuck were you doing in my bathroom? There’re two at the other end of the apartment where you’re staying!”

She raises and eyebrow at my reaction. “Shit, Dylan. Calm down. I was looking for some spare towels.”

What do I say? No one else knows about the pills. I go to different doctors every time; they give me different shit depending on how bad I am. I’m taking meds but have no idea which tablet does what anymore, but if I take enough, they do the job.

“I have trouble sleeping,”I say.

“The ones I saw are for anxiety, Dylan.”

“Okay, I have difficulty sleeping because I’m fucking anxious.”

Myf holds both palms over her delicate features and studies me, then drops her hand to touch mine.

“What happened?”she asks.

“Which bit?”I ask gruffly; she’s pissed me off now, delving too far into the hidden.

“With Sky.”

Since the day Sky left, I haven’t told anyone outside of Jem and Steve why. Letting people think I’d got bored of her was easier than raking through the shit again. Because I’d poured everything out to Myf that night at the party, there’s no way she’d believe Sky meant nothing.

I turn and lean against the granite bench, gripping the edges until the cool stone bites into my hands. “Lily.”

Myf straightens. “What do you mean ‘Lily?’”

“She spoke to Sky.”

So many more words fight to escape, but I don’t want to let out the frustration and anger I know will come with them. 

“And I suppose she lied again?”Myf’s lips thin.

“She told Sky that I raped her.”

The words are out. I squeeze my eyes closed, swallowing down everything else. Lily. Jem. Sky. The whole fucking mess.

“You told Sky the truth, right?”I don’t respond. “Dylan?”

Taking a shaky breath, I open my eyes. “What would be the point?”

“Umm, that you didn’t rape her? Fuck, Dylan! Why didn’t you tell that to Sky?”

“Because I feel like I did do it.”

“No. That’s bullshit and you know that. You didn’t touch her that night.”

“Not that night.”

Myf rubs her temples. “I know this is complicated and that I don’t know everything that happened between the three of you, but I sure as hell know you didn’t rape her. This is Lily’s sick revenge on you, accusing you of something you didn’t do!”

“Myf, I just had a long flight and a fucking long four months. I don’t want to get into this now.”

She grabs my arm as I turn to leave. “You didn’t even fight for Sky?”

“What’s the point?”I shrug her off.

We face off; Myf’s small figure is drawn up to her full height, but she’s still a foot shorter than I am so the stern look is amusing rather than threatening. The concern glistening in her eyes disturbs me, the truths I need to face spilling between us. I shift my gaze to pristine white kitchen walls, if I keep looking at Myf she’ll pull more out of me.

“Dylan. I think…”

I hold a hand up to indicate she needs to stop talking and she huffs, stepping back and crossing her arms over her chest. A door slams at the opposite end of the apartment; Miles’s arrival home saves me from a Myf lecture.

I leave for my bedroom before Miles appears; I don’t feel like chatting. My half-packed black rucksack lies on the floor, dirty clothes strewn across the pristine cream carpet. The room is gleaming clean, neat and everything in its carefully organised place. If only my life could be the same.

Why didn’t I fight for Sky? I’ve asked myself the question over and over, and at the heart of why is fear. A fear of resurrecting the past I deny and pulling myself back down. 

I’m scared of seeing hatred in the eyes of the girl who believed in the person I could be. 

On the day when Sky discovered who I really was in Broadbeach, the Dylan she met was wiped away and replaced by a different man. 

But the real Dylan Morgan isn’t who she met in Broadbeach, or the person she accepted into her life afterward. 

Blue Phoenix Series Updates (And More!)

I’m not a good blogger. My time management skills are under duress since the release of Summer Sky, the first Blue Phoenix book, and getting worse.

I’m very lucky to have found somebody to help me out with organising myself (I’m looking at you Lou from Seraphim Book Reviews) and after a chat to her I’ve decided an attempt at a “weekly summary” may be the way to go. Facebook hides everything, my newsletters are occasional (I don’t want to spam your inbox) and Twitter… well, continues to baffle me. So here we go…


june10explainedplace Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2) is due for release on June 10th. This is the conclusion of Dylan and Sky’s story from Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1). They will appear in future books but this one focuses on their relationship. A large part of this takes part in the Blue Phoenix world, so you will find events that have a big effect on other band members.

There is the possibility of an early release and a lower release price for the first day. I’m still firming this up but newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear. Subscription link at the bottom of the post!

I’ve also started working on Rising (Blue Phoenix #3) which is Jem’s book and (strangely) the Christmas novella which I can’t say much about until Falling Sky is released!

I also want to say I am overwhelmed by the response to Summer Sky. As this was my first “indie published” book everything was down to me but I loved the control I had. This was a risk but the support of my family in pursuing this dream made things easier. I’m incredibly happy (understatement) that so many people loved Dylan and Sky’s story (especially those who fell in love with Dylan…mine! hands off!!) I’m even happier to be able to write the rest of the Blue Phoenix guys’ stories! So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has bought, read and loved Summer Sky.


rosetext2titleI also write paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. Last year, I wrote the majority of a book titled Between. I’ve decided to finish and publish this book and hope to release in August this year. You won’t find your typical set of paranormal characters in this book… I always like to surprise! This book is a mash-up of several genres – paranormal romance, gothic horror, new adult and will span into a series. Heck, if I’m going to build a new and complicated world outside of the paranormal ‘norm’, I need more than one book out of it! So, think Being Human, Supernatural etc with some intense relationships thrown in. It will keep you guessing!



I’ve also set up a street team. A what?? some of you might ask! Check out this link and if you’d like to join in I’d be honoured to have your help! Some lovely ladies already help spread the word about my books and every day I’m amazed at the support I have.


NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP: Keep up to date with all my news and new releases. There’s some exclusive Blue Phoenix content on the way to subscribers next week: the first scene in Summer Sky from Dylan’s point of view. Sign up HERE



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Cover Reveal: Melting Into You by Tracey Alvarez

Available on June 16 2014, the second book in the Due South series.

Melting Into You

Big, sexy men who don’t relate well to kids need not apply…

Kezia Murphy plays her widow card well. When you don’t trust people not to let you down, it’s easier to not get involved—and getting involved with a man who makes her skin sizzle just by looking at him would be una pazzia—crazy! Four years ago while Kezia’s daughter, Zoe, battled leukaemia, a tragic accident stole her husband’s life. Starting over in the little town of Oban where she’s adopted into the close knit community on Stewart Island, Kezia and her daughter are all the family the other needs. Except Zoe yearns for more.

New Zealand’s worst candidate for instant fatherhood…

Ben doesn’t do gooey emotional stuff.  He doesn’t do cosy home and family. And he sure isn’t the big teddy-bear Kezia Murphy, the woman he secretly fantasises about, thinks he is. So when Jade, his surprise eight-year-old daughter arrives on his doorstep, he’s a D-minus student struggling to pass a crash-course in parenting.

They’ll either melt or raze their lives to the ground…

When the sparks of attraction between Kezia and Ben fan into an inferno, Ben doesn’t know how much longer the layers of resistance around his heart can resist melting into the gooey mess he fears. The more he fights it the harder it is to make the choice that will destroy the family he now longs to claim.


He moved like a much smaller, lighter man. A runner or a gymnast—all coiled power that could switch from casual swagger to lightning-fast action in a heartbeat.

She licked dry lips as he stalked closer, a witty response swallowed by the slow burn kindling low in her body. Both English and Italian deserted her, and she simply drank him in. Too good-looking, too confident—too much of everything that eroded her determination to resist him.

Bracing her spine as he stood alongside her, she waited for the punch line or another double entendre.

But he said nothing.

Just gazed down with a small half smile. Which was another word for a smirk—a baby, you know you’re impressed smirk.

She fanned herself with the edge of the board. Did she need a reminder of why she hated Alpha males? After growing up in a home full of five bull-headed Alpha brothers, no, she did not. 

Ben’s arm brushed hers as he moved to let Noah past. Beneath her summery dress, her nipples puckered against her lacy bra cup. 

Oh, no! Not again.

Kezia hugged the clipboard to her chest and closed her eyes. Please St. Paula, let the clipboard base be wide enough to cover my boobs.

A soft, rumbling sound next to her—Ben chuckling.

Sweet Mother! Had she spoken aloud? A quick glance confirmed her worst fears unfounded. Ben stared blandly into the crowd, as if he had no idea how much his closeness affected her.

Honestly, she should ask the Patron Saint of Widows for more than boob coverage. She needed strength—brute strength—to resist either the urge to murder the man, or the almost-as-terrifying urge to jump his bones until he begged for mercy.

Due South Series

Visit the wild and beautiful Stewart Island and the Due South world by reading Book 1 of the Due South series, In Too Deep.

In Too Deep small

Available from:

Amazon US 

Amazon UK 

Barnes & Noble



Author Bio.

Tracey Alvarez lives in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (a.k.a Wellington, New Zealand) where she’s yet to be buried under her to-be-read book pile by Wellington’s infamous wind—her Kindle’s a lifesaver! Married to a wonderfully supportive IT guy, she has two teens who would love to be surgically linked to their electronic devices.

Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, she’s the author of contemporary romantic fiction set predominantly in New Zealand. Small-towns, close communities, and families are a big part of the heart-warming stories she writes. Oh, and hot, down-to-earth heroes—Kiwi men, in other words.

When she’s not writing, thinking about writing, or procrastinating about writing, she can be found reading sexy books of all romance genres, nibbling on smuggled chocolate bars, or bribing her kids to take over the housework. 


Tracey Alvarez Facebook Page
Tracey Alvarez Website
Melting Into You on Goodreads


Cover Reveal: Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2) by Lisa Swallow

Book title: Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix, #2)

Author: Lisa Swallow

Genre: Contemporary romance

Release date: 10th June 2014

Cover designed by Najla Qamber Designs

Photo by Lindee Robinson Photography

Models: Madison Wayne & Chad Feyrer

This book is the second in the Blue Phoenix series, and is the continuation of the story told in Summer Sky. The Blue Phoenix books are a series of contemporary romance novels and novellas centred on the fictional rock band Blue Phoenix.


Sky’s world turned upside down when she met rock star Dylan Morgan, and exploded when she discovered his hidden past.

Four months after Sky learns Dylan’s devastating secret, she’s trying to piece her life back together. Without an explanation from Dylan, Sky has no choice but to try and forget him.

Dragged back into the life he ran from, Dylan continues to spiral downwards as he copes with his fame the only way he knows how. Shattered by the revelation Sky knows his darker past, he forces himself to return to England and explain.

Sky and Dylan reconnect, attempting to build on the shaky foundations of their summer. But the outside world continues to conspire against them.

Taking place in the epicentre of the Blue Phoenix world, Sky and Dylan’s story continues amongst the chaos surrounding the band and its members.

Goodreads link:

Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1)

 Available now:

Amazon links: (US) (UK)


Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, often with a side of snark. In between running a business, looking after her family and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds.  Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.




Mailing List:



The restaurants I normally go to don’t have security on the door, or photographers hanging outside chatting to them as if they’re long-term work colleagues. These men are good looking, designer suited with earpieces and not the roughed-up bouncers from nightclubs back home, but they’re still security and there’s a reason for them to be there.

From the outside, the place is very understated, “The Cauldron” is written in small green letters beneath a covered entrance where the photographers lurk. The bouncers stand at a heavy, open black door and the windows are obscured by blinds so it’s difficult to see (or photograph) the diners. To me, the restaurant doesn’t look much different to the ordinary Italian place I went to in Bristol.  This restaurant doesn’t contain ordinary people, and I doubt it ever does. Nobody looks twice at Dylan and me as we walk through, apart from a couple of curious glances from the waitresses. I grip Dylan’s hand and he strokes his thumb across mine, a gentle reminder he understands my discomfort.

The stone-topped tables are arranged far enough apart for discrete conversation, although I notice some are closer than others. The section of the restaurant we’re seated in is partially screened by a huge aquarium filled with brightly coloured blue and yellow fish, and I suspect our table for two is one of the most sought after for privacy. Dylan orders expensive champagne before the waitress has a chance to leave and I pull a face at him.

“Stop being flashy.”

“Don’t you like champagne?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then let me date you the way I want to.” He attempts a stern tone, but there’s a hint of a smile at his lips.

I kick him under the table. “You’re lucky I agreed to come.”

“You look beautiful,” he says and leans over the table to kiss my nose.

“You’ve told me approximately twenty times since we left you place.”

His eyes zone in on my breasts, and I flick him a look. The dress is elegantly perfect for the location. The knee-length dress made of a satin fabric hugs the curves Dylan loves so much, a flattering shape and dark blue colour. I hate to admit I’d have picked this myself and I do feel happier to be dressed like this in the environment I’m in. The neckline is scooped a little lower than I’d have chosen though.

“Just saying…” he says.

Dylan’s tattoos are covered by a blue shirt tonight, in a  colour to match my dress. The top two buttons are undone so a hint of colour from the ink at the top of his chest contrasts nicely. Nicely? Am I starting to like tattoos? My mind wanders off on its own course, remembering other parts of Dylan’s tattooed body and realising I now associate ink with mind-blowing sex. I breathe out heavily and he gives me a curious look.

A woman at the nearby table watches us, no longer paying attention to the man she’s with. He’s older with salt and pepper hair, designer suited and impeccably groomed. She’s my age and is perfectly made up – face, hair and clothes. I managed the dress part, my hair and make-up not up to her standards. My girlish fantasy of wearing designer dresses and stalking around with a hot as hell, famous guy allows me to return her scrutiny with a smug smile.

I study the menu. “This is English but it reads like a foreign language? I don’t understand any of these words.”

“They’re just trying to make it sound as exclusive as the prices.”

I attempt to decipher foreign words and I’m unable to figure out what any item contains. “Whatever you say, I’d rather eat fish and chips on the beach. Or a bacon sandwich.”

Dylan looks at my mouth. “Me too. Maybe next time.”

The champagne arrives and the waiter pours two glasses. Getting pissed off with the scrutiny of the woman opposite, I fix her with a ‘what?’ look as I drink. Maybe I should sip, but I don’t sip. I set the glass back down and Dylan reaches across to place his hand over mine.

“I heard Kelly and Declan are coming later, they’re over from the States and currently more interesting than me so the paparazzi should have a different focus.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of them, even without hearing the surnames, so they must be more famous than you,” I say and Dylan pokes his tongue out. Well, they are Hollywood A Listers and I know more movies than music.

Dylan pours me another glass. Crap, did I drink the whole thing already? “They’re small glasses…”

Laughing, Dylan empties his glass and refills the same. “I’ll keep up.”

I don’t want Dylan to drink, but I don’t say anything. The fact he is indicates he’s as nervous as I am. I agreed to the date, to starting again, but everything is fragile.

The appetisers appears, tiny scraps of salmon and asparagus with a weird looking bread that seems stale to me, in the middle of huge square white plates.

“No wonder famous people are so skinny!” I say a little too loudly and the woman at the next table who’s interested in me and Dylan looks over.

Despite our attempts to avoid Christmas, subtle decorations adorn the walls as a reminder and there’s a meal on the menu that possibly reads as Christmas fare. It’s difficult to tell.

“Why do you hate Christmas so much, Dylan?” I ask.

He focuses on his food. “My Dad left when I was eleven, and Mum died four years ago and both things happened at Christmas.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about your mum.” I reach across the table and squeeze his hand, unable to imagine losing one of my parents so young. He curls his fingers around mine. “Do you have any other family back in St Davids?”

“Not really. I don’t have a brother or sister, and just my Gran is left. I haven’t seen her for a few years either. Not since Mum’s funeral.”

“You don’t go back to St David’s and see her?”

He chews on his bottom lip. “I don’t go back there anymore. Too many memories.”

This is the first time we’ve spoken about anything outside of the intensity of us, and the crazy events around our relationship. It seems more than just the real world was missing from our bubble. Dylan mentioned this past the first morning together, when we searched for shells, at the point I first saw a connection to him. His sadness that morning is apparent now too.

Feature: Hushed by Britni Hill

Hushed Cover

Genre: New Adult

When Tess meets step-brothers Blake and Jason, their differences and her past push her toward Jason even though she’s instantly drawn to Blake.  Tess quickly learns people aren’t always who they seem to be when her relationship with Jason ends.

A spring break trip pushes Blake and Tess together leaving them unable to deny the way they feel for each other.  While they fall for one another Tess’ history with Jason leads them to try to keep their growing relationship a secret from their friends.  Sneaking around and hiding behind doors adds a certain spark, but they both feel the countdown ticking, leaving them wondering when it will all come out and what will happen.

An angry Jason spills a secret from his and Blake’s past that makes Tess question how real her relationship with Blake was.  Secrets can ruin everything.

Can the truth bring them back together?

About the Author

Britni’s Links: Facebook:

                     Twitter: @thatbritnihill



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RELEASE DAY: Of Fire and Roses by Danielle Belwater


I’m so excited! Talented writer and good friend Danielle Belwater released her DEBUT novel today!

Pick up your copy an Amazon and make sure you enter the GIVEAWAY


Published by: EvernightTeen



Nathaniel West’s mother is dead, his father a lost cause. Anger has become a way of life, until he meets and falls in love with Cora Ewell. Only Cora has a secret, one that could kill them both.

An age old dark magic resurfaces and it becomes a race against time for Cora and Nate to find the long buried secrets to saving everyone they love and each other.

After a near fatal accident leaves Nate in limbo, he must find a way to get through to Cora before time runs out and she is forced into life eternal with the evil wizard, Elias Stafford.


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danielle-photo Danielle Belwater adores the concept of true love and truly believes everyone has their Prince Charming or Snow White out there somewhere, even if they have to fight demons, ghosts, and wizards to find it.

Danielle has been having a love affair with words since she was young and in primary school, writing some rather imaginative tales. This love has followed her into adulthood.

She lives in rural South Australia with her husband, young daughters and way too many animals to mention. She spends most of her time dreaming up characters, stories, ghostly tales, and watching Firefly re-runs.  She also cooks the odd meal for her family to avoid them looking like skeletons at official author functions!

Danielle is passionate about reading and her interests include pretty much anything with words from rolling four volume epics to the daily newspaper.










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New Release: Branded by Katie Teller

branded_katie_hamstead (2)

brandedHighResTitle: Branded

Author: Katie Hamstead

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense


Terrorists have invaded Sydney, and Allison King barely escapes her brother’s wedding reception alive. She and her siblings flee, but their parents are killed by firing squad.

Now Ali’s on the run and terrified. While searching for other survivors, she is captured by the General who leads the invasion. He’s smitten by Ali, and when she refuses to submit to his whims, he brands her for death. In a wild act of defiance, she snatches the branding rod and sears the mark onto his face. Marking not only him but also sealing her fate. Ali manages to escape and flees into the bush once more where she finds a group in hiding. Even with the scars left by the General, Ali learns to love and falls in love with the young man who found her—Damien Rogers.

But the General is hunting her. When he discovers their location, and finds her with another man—Damien—his wrath is kindled and his obsession is inflamed. Ali must put herself on the line or the General could kill her family, those who help her, and most significantly, the man she loves.


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katie-teller-author-photo-2-3About the Author:

Born and raised in Australia, Katie’s early years of day dreaming in the “bush”, and having her father tell her wild bedtime stories, inspired her passion for writing.
After graduating High School, she became a foreign exchange student where she met a young man who several years later she married. Now she lives in Arizona with her husband, daughter and their dog.
She has a diploma in travel and tourism which helps inspire her writing. She is currently at school studying English and Creative Writing.
Katie loves to out sing her friends and family, play sports and be a good wife and mother. She now works as a Clerk with a lien company in Arizona to help support her family and her schooling. She loves to write, and takes the few spare moments in her day to work on her novels.





COVER REVAMP REVEAL: In Chains by Michelle Abbott

In Chains (In Chains #1) has a new cover, designed by Deranged Doctor Design

Michelle Abbott - In Chains (2)

Genre: New adult romance


A romance set in a world where slavery is government run and slaves are fitted with microchips.

Savannah, fleeing a turbulent relationship, seeks solace at her brother’s country farmhouse. It’s there that she meets Kayden; her brother’s slave who’s considered less than human. These two damaged souls form an unbreakable bond, one that’s about to be tested, because Kayden is her brother’s property and he will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Please note this book contains some sexual scenes, violence and strong language.

Link to book on Goodreads:

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Author Bio:

Michelle Abbott lives in the UK.

She loves to write about heroes who begin as the underdog and are protective of their girl and she likes to read all genres of romance.

When she’s not reading or writing she enjoys travelling and seeing new places and occasionally she picks up her knitting needles and attempts to finish the sweater she started two years ago.

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COVER REVEAL: You Found Me by Kanettra Holmes

We join Grapevine Book Tours in presenting the new cover for:
Cover designed by Mae I Design

You Found Me

by Kanettra Holmes

Publication: April 7th, 2014

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

When eighteen-year-old Mia Graham runs away, she thinks she’s left the memory of the most horrible night of her life behind her. But the past isn’t done with her yet, no matter how far she runs. Now she’s faced with a tough and confusing decision and has no idea what to do.Then along comes Aiden Kincaid, quiet and withdrawn. From the moment he crosses paths with Mia, he is instantly intrigued by her.

Mia promised herself she would never trust another man again, though, and Aiden still harbors guilt from a tragic accident and never wanted anyone else in his life. Neither of them is looking for love. But fate has different plans.

Will Mia and Aiden give into their fears and continue to let their pasts control them, or will they realize that sometimes fate steps in and sends you the person you never knew you were looking for?

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Kanettra HolmesHer Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest | Goodreads

I was born and raised in none other than the great state of New York. I moved to Florida when I was seventeen and fell in love with the warm weather and sunshine. Now nine years later I curse the heat and cherish the cool days.When I’m not closed off from the world in my home reading or writing, I like to go to the zoo or the aquarium or anyplace I can be around animals. Or walking the trails and enjoying nature. I also always enjoy a nice meal out, and Karaoke night at Applebees is always fun.

Random Facts:

1) I ALWAYS laugh at my own jokes, while others laugh at me 😉


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